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2 Peg ke Baad: A scintillating and glitzy affair

It was pure intoxication as the liquor of life flavor wafted in the atmosphere bringing spirits in splinter of laughter and fun. The mood was set and after all, what happens post ‘2 Peg ke Baad’? An intellectual high on books and tales! So many times, you’ve confessed after ‘2 pegs ke baad’.  It was a glitzy evening in Mumbai when Improv Comedy Star, Gavin Methakala let the cat out of the bag making confessions that had the audience in splits.

Author Dr Nikita Lalwani with actor-director Rajat Kapoor
Author Dr Nikita Lalwani with actor-director Rajat Kapoor

Don’t get ideas for it wasn’t a night for drink, kiss and tell. Dr Nikita Lalwani launched her eclectic collection of short stories, ‘2 Peg Ke Baad’ where she read the story closest to her heart about a transgender coming out of the closet. The audience was spellbound by the narration. The dentist-turned copy writer and author beamed with joy when she presented a signed copy of her book to none other than the terrific actor Rajat Kapoor.  . A star studded evening with celebrities such as Shivani Tanksale & Sarika, TVF Permanent Roommate actors, Sumeet Vyas, Nidhi Singh and Sheeba Chaddha in tow.

The author with stand up comedian Gavin Methalaka (left) and another guest.
The author with stand up comedian Gavin Methalaka (left) and another guest.

A light and breezy book that breaks the monotony of life, ‘2 Peg ke Baad is a collection on a variety of subjects, to which Dr Nikita Lalwani has quite a tale to tell ” My mother says, after 2 pegs, nothing could go right’. But I feel that the world’s most happening stories come up only after 2 pegs; so that’s how I decided to come up with a short story collection.”

The author with renowed Physiotherapist, Maya Shahane
The author with renowned Physiotherapist, Maya Shahane

The dentist turned copy writer and author hails from Madhya Pradesh and has made sapnon ki Nagri her home. Where else! Mumbai Nagariya. Writing was always hidden somewhere and bugging the dentist for she penned her first article at the age of 15.  Her love affair with books never seems to end for at the age of 16, she wrote her first book, ‘Live Life… Stop Analysing it’ released by Himalaya Publishers. Her journey with words took off from there and there was no stopping her.

A coffee enthusiast and rebel, the author high on 2 pegs of life and words confesses, “I hated being a dentist. My parents were not too glad with the career choice that I made. Somewhere they wanted me to continue studies and do my post-graduation, but I already made up my mind. It wasn’t that I was extremely sorted at my plans. But I was clear about the things that I didn’t want. I didn’t want to listen to the society anymore, as the past few years of listening to ‘what will everyone think’ had brought glamour in my life but not happiness.”

Dr Nikita Lalwani in the company of Sheeba Chaddha and Sarika
Dr Nikita Lalwani in the company of Sheeba Chaddha and Sarika.

Dr Lalwani says, “I consider myself being married to writing. So no matter what I do for a living, I can never ignore writing. For now, my job is taking away all my time. However, when my clients and bosses are gentle on me, I manage to write. I have started working on my next book which is a dark fiction. It is based on a negative woman character and the plot is yet half thought through.”

Arup Bose of Srishti Publishers says, Dr. Nikita’s age belies her unending potential. She is an excellent writer who brings in variety in her stories. Since she is young, she understands the pulse of the youth and her roots allow her to understand the interests of the older generation as well. The result is a book that contains a collection of stories for every kind of reader.

The author is represented by Dr. Lalwani is ably represented by Sarvashreshtha Solutions and AGENCY09

A sneak peek into the various stories penned by Dr Nikita Lalwani.

A walk with a call girl

A guy in Singapore went to celebrate a bachelor’s night with his friends. He even finds a prostitute to save his night and it really got saved. He got drunk, met a call girl, spent a great time with her but there was one thing he never did that night- sex. He never slept with her and yet it was one of the best nights he ever had.

What happens in Banaras… Stays for Lifetime

They say, “You can take a Banasi out of Banaras but certainly not Banaras out of a Banarasi”.

Sitting at the ghats of Banaras with a joint and few pints of beer, while you watch a body being cremated, is only when you realize that life is much more than being an “IITian”. While you watch a body cremation on your left while a dancer taps her feet in the celebration of salvation of the soul, life doesn’t seem to be as complicated as we think it is.

Theater personality and film actor, Mahesh Manjrekar with book copy
Theater personality and film actor, Mahesh Manjrekar with book copy


It’s not a love story

Deceived and dumped in love Manas was returning from her girlfriend’s wedding when he was halted by a traffic police constable under the charge of drinking and driving. Under inebriated emotions he hurled his story to the constable finding him as someone to share his heart with. They discovered a silent connection with each other that lasted on the overnight conversations and a few drinks at times. It is not a love story; it’s a story of what turned a ruined relationship into a successful friendship.

Sonalee Kulkarni in smile with her copy.
Sonalee Kulkarni in smile with her copy.

How we got married

Amit and Bandita fell in love with each other before they could finish their beers. But it takes more than the agreement of the boy and girl to cause a marriage, especially in case where the Boy speaks Gujarati while the girl speaks Punjabi. But how much more: they certainly had no idea. From pursuing every member of his family to even the long distant friends, ex-s and his fiancé’s family Amit finally gave up on everything and ran at his own wedding a week before to marry Bandita. Confusion, drama, tumult, brain freezing some love stories can get very complicated when started at 2 pegs.


Hindu Vedas might claim alcohol consumption being a sin as it leads one into unconsciousness, but Laxmi would dance every night wearing his ghungroo in the name of God only after 2 pegs. Somewhere in a small town of Maharashtra, this dancer believes that alcohol is the only way to make him remember God, parrying away from other worldly distractions.


2 Peg Ke Baad is available for pre-order on Amazon, Paytm, FlipKart and Infibeam.









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    1. Yeah! Seems like an awesome evening and the cocktail of stories are awesome. Met Rajat when he shooting one of his movies as a director where my friend was the sound engineer.

  1. What an entertaining review! You have made me add the book to my list of ‘To be read’ ! It definitely sounds interesting and a fun read. Thanks for exposing us to that!

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