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Bombay Sandwich on Sunday


The flavor wafted through the nostril and brought back a flood gate nostalgic memories during the Mumbai days.  It’s the Bombay sandwich that I regularly munched on the street at Fort as a quick bite, the time I was studying for the post grads at the University of Mumbai way back in 20008. I missed my favorite Bombay sandwich with the tadka. It’s been months that I decided that gonna make it at home and it was time to storm the kitchen. The veggies were bought last week and been lying in the kitchen and out of sheer laziness, I keep postponing it.

bombay sandwich 4

Sunday came! I decided to make Bombay sandwich at home and no power on earth shall bog me down to make the Sunday warm the stomach with heavenly bliss. Trust me, I am terrible and scared of the kitchen. I wanted it to taste exactly like on the streets in Mumbai but it’s something one cannot replicate. Walked to the bakery to buy bread and came back home, surfed the net to check the recipe. It wasn’t the least complicated. Since it was my first time, I decided to keep it minimalist and simple. It turned out to be the Bombay Sandwich, my way.  You can check the recipe here.

The check list is kept ready and jotted the recipe on a sheet of paper where Mom helped me to make my first food at home. First things first, I gathered all the vegetables in a steel plate. I recommend you to keep everything ready, potato, beetroot, onion, capsicum tomato and onion in one huge bowl. First step is to boil one potato and beetroot each, till soft. It will take you 15 minutes at least.

Second step, chop in round slice  a single tomato, beetroot and onion.

bombay sandwich 1

Third step, add a cup of coriander leaves with one green chili and chop them before you make the coriander chutney.

Sandwich spread



Fourth step, keep a couple of sandwich ready. Spread butter and chutney evenly. You can choose to pour cheese as well.  Start placing veggies, add potato, cucumber, thinly sliced onion, tomato, beetroot and capsicum. Then, add salt, tomato, onion, pepper salt and chaat masala, depending on your needs. You can spread cheese, butter and green chutney on top of the bread.

bombay sandwich


Fifth step, press the slices together and put it in the grill for three minutes till it’s golden. Serve hot and spicy with ketchup, chili sauce and the favorite Coriander chutney. Eat piping hot the Indian way. Issko lagadala toh life jingalala.

bombay sandwich 3

Note: It took me three hours to make the Bombay sandwich. Of course, Mom stepped in to boil beetroot, tomato and gave her inputs on veggies. She was the one who made spicy Coriander chutney. It dawned upon me on the sacrifice every mom makes in the kitchen to prepare food that we eat to our heart’s contentment and quench hunger.  An ode to the women and men in the kitchen.






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22 thoughts on “Bombay Sandwich on Sunday

    1. Aha! First time in kitchen na. As in tea, coffee and omelette I am a regular. Was wondering how to make it and shows whatta bad cook I’ll be. It makes for awesome dinner and lunch. WoW! 20 mins. It was my lunch yesterday.

    1. I know!!! 3 hours, yes. That’s what everyone been telling and not being at ease in kitchen, guess that’s the thing. I am grateful to Mom for every food cooked. It wasn’t bad for the first time. Thanks for dropping, Parul!!

  1. Looks fabulously delicious Vishal. Reminds me of long ago when we used to get these in the fast food place near our office. Tempted to make myself one now!

  2. 3 hrs! Were you instagramming each step 😂it does look delicious and you gave me a brilliant idea for the breakfast this weekend.

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