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Sex with an Ex: Part 3


“Why the bed sheet is Red and not the usual White? Oh! You changed it?” he casually asked.

“Oh! You wanna check whether I am still virgin or not! You know better, na,” Anita simply said.

Ajay squeezed her arms and gaped at her naked body as they lay on top of each other on the bed in the dark room.  She felt uneasy, “Easy dude. Hope you are not getting ideas that you own me and remind yourself that we are having a casual thing.  Chill and get rid of this stupid boyfriend complex.”

He was taken aback. After all, what’s wrong with her? He became angry at Anita who has burst the wheel of his ego. Ajay turned his face away from her while Anita slowly moves her knees on the bed, closer to him to caress his naked torso but he became distant and pushed her away.

“What the fuck, dude? I mean, what’s wrong with you! I thought that we are having a good time after so long. The past should be well..buried and we are in for the fun…!”

Ajay was incensed and stood close to her, pressed his finger on her lip and down on her round body. “Ouch! Ajay, you are hurting me.” Both stand naked, facing and barring open their souls, to each other.  She froze. His hands stumbled on her skin and his face reddened. Her voice choked, “Ajay, you are being difficult. I don’t see the point of being emotionally attached. Let’s not make life difficult for each other. I don’t want to go back in time.”

He brusquely moved away from her, “Oh! I am the one who is acting difficult, right! What about your parents who didn’t want us to get married? And, one day you disappeared by ignoring my calls and sms-es just like that. You’ve been acting so weird. I don’t want to be used and this is what you are doing.”

Anita blew her top, “I never knew you have so much male ego hidden inside you. I am meeting that person for the first time and trust me, I don’t wanna meet him again. You know who is that stranger? You! My family! Old wounds. It doesn’t help any one of us. The fact is you cannot accept the fact that I am a free spirited person. You want to possess me.” She yelled.

Ajay couldn’t comprehend what was happening to him. “Is he falling in love again with her? No! It cannot happen,” he tried to push away the feeling. He moved away from her and closed his eyes, buried his face on the bed. Anita hesitated for few seconds, walked to the balcony and lit a cigarette. She breathed in. Anita convinced herself that Ajay was again falling in love.

She traipsed towards the bed and lay next to Ajay, folded her hands to make a cup for the stream of tears to fall and disappear. Anita’s head is perched on the pillow, “Am I over reacting? He shouldn’t be given ideas that I am clinging to him, emotionally.” A splash of guilt ran through her, “Hiding about my would be fiancee is perhaps my biggest lie to him. Please help me, soul. I am unsure who I want in life, Ajay or the guy with whom I will soon get married to. Am I really happy to let my parents write my destiny?” Anita has never been so confused in life and cursed herself for letting society decide for her.

Read Episode 2 here.






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4 thoughts on “Sex with an Ex: Part 3

    1. TE3N is an amazing film and the suspense angle etched so well. The only disappointment was Vidya Balan’s character hasn’t been scripted the way it should have been for bigger impact!

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