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Book Review: ‘Dare to Defy the destiny’ a prayer for change

Book Review: Dare to Defy the Destiny

Author: Roma Gupta Sinha

Price: Rs 200 (INR)

Pages: 62

dare to defy



It was during the A to Z Blogging Challenge that Roma Gupta Sinha narrated 26 stories, ‘Dare to Defy the Destiny’ in India to depict the lives of common women and to a certain extent men, battling every possible odd and trauma in their lives. Dare to Defy the Destiny is all about the true-to-life stories we are oblivious to and where fellow humans face mounting  challenges that afflict their souls and bodies.


The author brings to life the real stories in India which is a dark and gritty. The vagina is regarded as dirty and holy water sprinkled on a woman after she delivered a baby. It’s a sad and stark reality that it’s not the vagina but our minds, a product of social conditioning, which is ugly and dirty. The story will make you angry how in this century we are made the prisoner of such ill ridden practices. Roma raises important questions on a philandering husband who comes back to the wife, seeking forgiveness and makes us wonder how easy it is to forgive someone. Or, the husband wearing blinkers not to see the sacrifice of his wife and the divorce paper is the only legal protection to his male ego.

The book is a tale of countless women and unknown faces waging an invisible war in their own way not only against ugly patriarchy but also for a just and fair society. Dare to Defy the Destiny is all about challenging the status quo through the 70-year old woman whose indomitable spirit to fight against child marriages or through the eyes of  a mother Ayesha reflections  on the change to end rape in the way we educate our children. Are we treading on the fault lines in the way sons are being brought up? Roma makes interesting reflections on the issue and she deftly brings to light Savita Mausi whose life was blurred by circumstances which serves as no excuse not to educate her children.

It’s a book that sheds light on male dominance not only at home but in corporate houses where a successful woman is made to feel terrible since she is pregnant where the so-called superior gender question her capability. Should she stay silent or make a strong point? It’s a story and reality that many women face. It’s echoes everything that is wrong with our society.

What breaks the heart when a couple adopts a son that brings happiness but the latter is treated like an out caste when they conceive their own children. Why love is not given the dignity cum the place it rightfully deserves? As a society, we have miles to go before claiming to be equal or harnessing the power of true love.

The book is not just about grief but there are countless stories of courage where a father liberates a daughter who is forced to enter an arranged marriage so that she conquers her dreams. There is another story about hope where a man dabbles as a father and mother to take care of his child when his wife is away in foreign shores for professional fulfillment. I know a friend who is taking immense pain and displays amazing courage with his two sons whilst the wife is doing her post grads. More power to such men and women. Let’s be the change.

Final Words:

Dare to Defy the Destiny is all about defying social norms for a healthier functioning of society. The author, through the stroke of her pen, has successfully weaved 26 stories that will have an ever lasting impact on your life. It’s the stories of India that needs to be told to everyone. It’s a prayer to bring change in society where Roma uses a very simple, easy and relatable language.

Go and grab the book. The author can be reached on her blog and FB page.





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