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Sex with an ex: Part 2

Hi fellas,

Just can’t believe I am doing it. Guess what! I am continuing this fiction series after I wrote the first part in December 2011, a gap of four years. Could you believe it? At the time, I finished the story…I wrote to be continued which never happened. And, now! Do read the first part here.

Sex with an ex: Part 2

‘Rohini’, he shouted. “Why the fuck is the house so messy?” He scampered up the wooden stair in the duplex apart and heard the echo of his steps behind. “Rohini! Where are you? It’s a total chaos,” his voice grew louder and sharper.

The shade of darkness seeped through the house. “Where the hell is that woman?” He furiously kicked the sofa with his shoes. Ouch!! It hurts. He is forced to slouch on the bed and pressed his right thumb with the hand.

It’s been frustrating to lead a double life where his marriage hit the bedrock but both stayed together for the sake of society. His mood suddenly went off that day when Anita received the phone call out of the blue.

Days and nights passed. He became grumpier. Rohini ignored him, knowing well how her husband can tune off for days. They reached a consensus to stay together and none will get into each other’s way or life.

He lay on the bed for the whole day. It was getting more frustrating. Anita turned down his calls or a dozen sms-es he sent was ignored. “After all, what does this woman think about herself? She cannot just enter my life and leave at the drop of a hat,” he whined.

The old but jovial lady snapped at Anita, “You are a grown-up and getting so irresponsibly careless those days. You enter the house whenever you feel like and it’s past 2 a.m already.”

She was pissed off, “Exactly, Mom! I am an adult and you don’t need to treat me like a child…” Anita was furious and on the verge of reminding her Mom how her engagement to Ajay was called off due to some stupid priest mismatching stars but she stopped fearing that it will arise suspicions.

Anita was lying on the bed and she can’t get her mind off Ajay, smiling on how they made love to each other the other day. Her breasts suddenly grew stiff and yearned to get physical with Ajay when her Mom knocked before entering the room. A shiver ran down her spine.

The old lady said, “He is coming tomorrow,” and walked out of the room when Anita called her.

“Maa! How come? Why?”

Her Mom was perplexed, “What do you mean how and why? He is your…”

Anita cut her short and chided her mom, “Fine! You don’t need to remind me. Go to sleep now. It’s already late.”

Her fingers incidentally pressed the number of Ajay, “Oh! Hi! No…actually I wanted to get some news. It’s been long.”

Anita was at a loss for words and couldn’t speak the truth, that she pressed his number by mistake.

“You are so weird. The last time, you disappeared like dust and so many miscalls that you never responded to. What you up to?

Anita drifted the conversation away from his queries. She abruptly said, “Acha! Let’s meet day after tomorrow 5 p.m. Same hotel. Now, don’t call. I gotta hung up. Bye.”

She breathed in and out, expressed an air of relief and turned around to make sure no one heard her.

Suddenly, a pair of hands held her tightly by the waist, pressed a kiss on her neck and she leaped in fear, to exude a loud shout.  She turned around to give a punch but stopped in her track.

She fumbled and fidgeted with her handset to slink in the blue denim. He smiled and forcefully hugged her. He laughed, “What’s wrong? Aren’t you happy seeing me?”

Anita was flustered and fumbled for words, “Of course, I mean you surprised me…I just didn’t expect you.” She tried to conceal the disappointment on her face and averted his gaze. How she prayed the moment would wane away! She felt choked inside and was scared like a thief caught red-handed.




Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

18 thoughts on “Sex with an ex: Part 2

    1. It’s a work of fiction. Hmm! I guess so humans are like that!! In my story, none are happy being away from each other and committed to different people. Let’s see how the story progresses.

      1. ha! yeah, it all depends on how the story progresses and how noble their intentions are ;p I personally detest when a married man shows romantic/carnal interest in me, I really feel like **** 😉

  1. Shh..I hate men looking out for romance expecially their EXs .but I am curious what will Rohini do to secure her life …will she take up the same route like her husband or will she be happy to be alone by herself .

    1. Hey Sweety thanks for ur comment. For the time being, Rohini is a blink and eye character and now u giving me idea to sketch her and give some meaty significance!!

      1. I am trying to pen a story keeping your post in mind . See what happens to your Rohini in my story

      2. That’s awesome Sweety. Would love to see take her to new heights. In my story, Rohini is no weak woman and don’t regret that the relationship doesn’t work or does she-I dunno. If I am bored with Sex with an Ex-I may make her gossip in some kitty parties haha. Read my latest, a sensual romance:)

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