Fiction on Tuesday: An impossible love


Tears rolled down her cheek. She fidgeted with her cell phone that never stopped buzzing. “You know how much I love you. We love each other so much and we may be two different souls but are one.” Radhika cajoled him.

She feared to incur his wrath. He hated it when people double cross him. Akash was bemused, “What you saying, Radhe?” He caressed her and pressed his hand on her forehead. Radhika was getting uneasy, unsure how to break the news to him. She stammered, paused and her voice wobbled with emotions. “See! Akash. I know how much we love each other. Trust me, it’s never easy. I am having a heavy heart. Today, Papa told me to choose between you and him. Our family will never accept this match. Our worlds are miles apart. Love is one thing but the family honour is at stake. I can never do that to the ones who brought in this world and took care of me as their princess. They never let a scratch on my skin. We need to call it quits. Forget me. I am sure, you will find a better girl. I am not worthy of your love.”

Akash thought at first it was a prank that characterized Radhika and she pulled a fast one on him. He is so attuned to her tune for the past eight years they’ve been together. He got an inkling when he saw the perfect face, the hair running down on her eyes, hiding guilt. He was incensed, “Radhika, what are you saying? After all, our parents are supposed to meet. My family is making all the preparations to meet and welcome you. How can you do that to me?” He was on the verge of tears.

Radhika was convinced that she had to break it up today. She couldn’t afford to lose her parents, their love and affection. After all, she agreed to the match with the army dude, whose parents run the most successful mobile company in Delhi. It was not just about the money , status or comfort, she knew. She pleaded, “I beg of you. Please let me go. Fulfil your dreams.”

He wiped a tear and asked, “Without You…Today, you didn’t only broke my heart but that of my parents. They love you as a daughter.”

She grabbed his hand, “Why don’t you understand?” Radhika yelled, “It can never happen. I am a Kshatriya and our castes don’t even match or come close…Please let me go, I beg of you, she sobbed.

He felt dizzy and pushed her hand, “Oh! It’s caste. The debates in college where you proudly opposed caste. Now, the curtain of deceit has fallen. Don’t ever show me your face again,” he said menacingly and voice exploded.

Radhika shrieked in shock. Akash kicked the chair in the room and threw the flat TV that crashed on the floor. “Go! Now!,” he ordered. She ran away, avoided to look at his face and the feeling of shame and guilt has overridden her. She didn’t realize that she is a pawn in the hands of her parents. She turned down his love on the account of caste. It’s a burden that she will carry for the rest of her life. Radhika saved his life for she knew her parents would have killed him for they will never let anything destroy their honor that matters more than anything else. She would not let anything harm Akash.






    • You’ll be surprised how it happens among upper class and also among Indians settled in foreign lands, read People of Indian Origin carrying their culture around. Rightly said, she could have run away but she chose to break up for fear of lives. That way, I can pass the message in a powerful manner.
      Thanks Alok for dropping:)

  1. I too feel she could have eloped with him. For now she will have ruined the lives of Akash, her to-be, and her own. But then again, they will have to live in fear otherwise. It is sad when people are still so senseless to let casteism destroy happiness. A powerful story.

  2. This is a harsh decision. When faced with a life and death situation, rationality is a trait that is seldom seen. You can only do what seems best then in the circumstances. It’s hard to walk in someone’s shoes and make decisions for them. Elope? Marry? Breakup? Who knows what should have been done.

  3. it is quite interesting that they don’t think about these things before loving? where is that “honesty” that is essential ingredient of love? If I knew that my parents will butcher me if I love a scheduled caste I would have never allowed him in my vicinity, even if I fell in love with him!

  4. Same old casteism breaking hearts since forever. It pains me to even think that parents can out their status above their child’s happiness.

    Would have loved it if you could have put the another front up, the one that breaks the same shackles.

    Will wait for one such story! Thanks for sharing, Vishal!

  5. That’s really very sad that such things still exist in our society.😦 I really hope Radhika could convince her parents and make them realize the power of true love, in future. Loved the way you’ve put it.🙂

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