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Friday Fiction: Drop from heaven

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The umbrella was perched upside down. The strong wind blew through the Arabian sea, spinning his body as he struggled to hold on to the umbrella and motioned his body to sit straight. It was a mighty force he contended with, resisting the violent wind that travelled places and twisted his body. He hanged on with sizeable force. The cool breeze shoved his face.

The rock flooring where the huge tree trunk grows is drenched in water. The Monsoon has just arrived where people flocked, to experience the drops flowing from the sky to experience a tizzy of sensation. The leaves scattered on the ground wears a muddy patch seeping onto the chappals and wet feet. The busy road wore a deserted look. Standing in the rain, he was drenched from top-to-toe and admired the skyline and dark cloud. He felt invigorated, pushed by the force of the wind and the body leapt forward. He wanted to run to chase dreams. A strange sensation engulfed his body, mind and spirit to conquer the world. It was his mojo to brace himself and stand apart in the seamless crowd.

It  was one fine day when he stepped in Mumbai at Dadar station. It rained heavily that night. He knew that he will overcome his fears, suppressed feeling and desires to make the city his own. It was an obsession to make it big in the city, winning the game of life. His eyes twinkled with dreams ready to hit the heated iron. No power in the world shall stop him, he thought. It was all about him. Till one day when he met her at the tapdi. The smoke curled out of her mouth as she sipped tea and lit the cigarette. She brought his world to a stand still. Her curly hair haunted him to no end and he would sleep walk, wondering how on earth he would make her his. He found his soul mate. So what, she was unaware of his existence!

His moment of truth came when he least expected it. She walked towards him unabashed with an air of brazen confidence to borrow a light. They roamed the city together, cuddling in public gaze and smooching. She kissed him boldly yet her heart showed no passion and sentiment. He stroked his hand on her white blouse, untying the lid and his hand slid inside to caress her breast. She enjoyed the heated sensation. His hands trembled. She was having fun at his expense. How she intimidates men with her easy demeanour! He was oblivious that he was just a fish in her huge pond of lovers, making love to her body. Till one, she casually told him that it’s over and it’s time to move on with life. It was the best moment they shared in the rain, making love and massaged her nude skin as the sea waves crashed on the boulders. It was her ego that he touched in the form of bare skin but never her soul. He didn’t protest at being rejected and his face grew icy cold like a frozen statue in the cold. He chose to hide his pain and became an emotional wreck, vowed t0  to leave the city forever. He did.

He came back to the city, He was a new soul, vowed to face his insecurity and nursed the wounds of heartbreak. He was a changed person. Admiring the stormy sea and rain spluttering furiously, he went with the flow where his body made twist-and-turn, coiling like a harmless snake. He vowed never to fight anything but get swayed by the flow. Darkness engulfed. He sat on the parapet. He couldn’t ask for more. After all, the city is his muse. He promised himself that nothing shall distract or turn him into a dismayed cum gullible soul. It’s all about hope. The city shall make his deeply hidden aspirations and dreams true. The monsoon and the sea shall wash his worries at the shore. He closed his eyes, felt the breeze and the rain drop falling on his head and face. He twirled his lip to sip the salty water. It’s the drop from heaven.

Postscript: I attempted a Free Write for the Friday fiction and that’s what I get…Monsoon, Mumbai, unrequited love, sensual tale of kissing in the rain, heartbreak and hope. The characters were born out of the blue. Ha!! I love that! No reference to anyone. I feel like being the voice of the invisible.

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