Lonely hearts, keeping hope and dreams alive



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Lost among the crowd.

Berserk life.

Picking the thread.


Gazillion of vehicles.


Sky rises.

Time is a luxury.

Human masses.

A tale of two worlds.


Weaving of dreams.

Vast seas.



Double-decker buses.

Survival is thy name.

Forget the morsels.

Everyone has a dream to make true.

Yet, pain and anguish are hidden behind

stern faces,

sheepish grins.

Smile is a commodity.



Happiness lurking.

A roof is what everyone want.


Yet, we want to conquer the city.

It’s a world in itself.

Loathe or love it,

you can’t ignore its form and magnitude.

It finally grows on you.

A muse one cannot live without.

Tiring day.

Arabian sea is the only solace.

Priceless to enjoy solitude’s moment.

Queen’s necklace makes hope alive.

The poem is a tribute to Mumbai where I tried to capture emotions when I first landed in the city. A heart filled with aspirations to make it big and how I miss the city. I have the feeling that I left something midway and uncompleted task to fulfill.

With Love







14 thoughts on “Lonely hearts, keeping hope and dreams alive

    • It was my first day a decade back filled with hope and aspirations. It’s the muse, offering an emotional ride…feel that I have left behind things to fulfill. Will be back next year 🙂
      Thanks lot.

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