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May I?

Crazy ideas are not running like a rush of blood inside my head to propel me to bend the knee,  proposing someone with flowers. May I? We are half way in the month of May. It didn’t cross my mind, you see! It’s been a week the wintery season came uninvited and you know it’s arrived when you lie on the bed one morning when the body is encapsulated by icy sensation.

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It’s been quite a month ushering into laziness and postponing every single thing for the next day. I am dilly-dallying with stuff, right from updating my cv on to working on some serious things and writing to publications, asking for work. The May I surprise came yesterday when one of my best friends in Pune who is now settled in Australia called on Facebook. Between having snippet of conversation on how Pune has changed and discussing our respective families, job scenes and sharing my plan to relocate to India, more precisely to Mumbai, he dropped a bomb. Yeah! He did. The dude casually asked whether I’ll be in India in January next year and I told not very sure but maybe in June or something. He was like, he will be back at the start of next year not without saying that he is getting hitched. I am like, how, when and why. The inquisitive I started shooting several Qs, Is she a gori from Aussie land or an Indian he met over there. He wasn’t done and said that I know his-would-be-wife very well. Now, when someone from India and in particular Pune tells me that I know their better half, my mind wanders to college days, that we left some ten years back. Gosh! It’s been a decade and hard to believe that we had the best of times. Why the fuck is that the wonderful things in life need to end?

The name was dropped!! It was a surprise for I know her and having met her once or twice on a blind date, that he himself has set since he couldn’t bear seeing me single. At that time, he was dating someone else. Yes! He is the best friend. I thought that she has moved to Australia but seems she is still in Mumbai. Both of them dated as teens in Mumbai but then separated but looked they hit it again via social media and phone. It makes for an interesting rom-com or candy floss Hindi romance flick. The perk of being a writer, hitting the head against the wall fishing for stories when it’s creeping on the wall like an insect. The prospect of him getting married to the childhood date didn’t  shock me as much as his decision to tie the knot. After all, he is not the marriage type but guess love, as much flawed as it is, hit like a bug. The whole word is getting hitched that it makes me getting all jittery that I will die a bachelor. As it is, another friend married two weeks back.

I really feel that it’s time for me to start dating nahin to Kunwara reh jaoonga. Did I tell you that I am working on a book as a ghost writer? It’s my first paid assignment and quite exciting to give a touch to characters I am alien to, been chatting with the author over FB and phone, how the characters would be like. I am currently working on a setting which is complicated but nonetheless, interesting. Exciting times ahead.

On the blogging front, May is reserved writing about my Pune Memoirs that I started way back in December which took a back seat and now ever ready to go full swing. Poetry is always on the table, a satire on Hindi cinema and, of course, a romance story. A big interview is lining up during the coming days.

I need to re-start doing job applications and it’s been two months of good break, going bonkers and broke. That’s how my May is shaping. Have a  lovely week.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

8 thoughts on “May I?

  1. There are so many people tying the knot with their childhood sweethearts nowadays! It’s sweet. And you will definitely find someone perfect for you by the way! ^_^
    Good luck with your book, and happy May to you too!

    1. haha!! It was just a blind date lol and nothing serious. You know how we date yaa? Nothing serious and just the vibe. I gotta be in India for his wedding next year, even if it means couple of days. Thanks for dropping.
      Yeah, the whole world getting hitched and nice he found someone he knows since childhood days or else it’s quite a risky business.

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