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Book Review: ‘From Chennai with Love’ offers alluring facets of emotions

Book Review

From Chennai with Love

Narrator: The Chennai Bloggers’ Club

Genre: A collection of Love Letters

Published: March 2016

Rating: Four Stars


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This collection of love letters is an initiative of the Chennai Bloggers Club where many writers have come together to pour ink on paper to echo the language of the heart in its truest form. The book, ‘From Chennai With Love’ is a magnificent effort and taps into your heart like a magnetic force to not only express but demystifying the hidden emotions of penning love letters. The beauty and essence of love letters are voices that brings alive pain, joy and suppressed feeling where we often long for a lost love or in quest of the special someone who is unaware of our feelings.

The various love stories are beautifully penned, compelling and strike a chord with one’s sense. Someone truly said love is an emotion that connects hearts and unrequited love shouldn’t be bottled inside. After all, Love Letters have this uncanny beauty to reveal emotions where the voice often fails to do justice. The book, ‘From Chennai With Love’ is a love treasure that you can’t stay away from if you have truly loved and perhaps, lost. It will change your outlook and perspective towards this emotion called love.


Matters of the heart are always precious. We encouraged a bunch of bloggers to write love letters and keep it anonymous. This book is a result of those love letters which encapsulated the most intricate feelings in a very beautiful way.

Read and Fall in love once again.



Susan Deborah writes a heartfelt love letter to an imaginary soul where words are stirred with simplicity, ecstasy, and passion. The language is simple but emotions real to make you believe in the power of love. A Valentine’s Day Love Letter is another gem reaffirming the belief in love and beyond. We often revel in the blissful moments spent in love and as we hark back to the past, the magic feels like yesterday only. Gayatri Lakshminarayanan opens her heart and expresses a feeling where no power can dilute the underlying emotions of love. She bears her heart open, expressing on what little remained and gently weaves words to make us believe in this flawless feeling.

Author Kavipriya Moorthy weaves a unique love letter where she makes a strong statement on this aha feeling called love. Her words are written with passion and every single phrase uttered is priceless. It’s crazy. It’s sensational. Superbly done. Meera Nusrat’s ‘Hey You! Its’ Me’ is delightfully written like a moving heart speaking words and she writes a fascinating tale to rekindle the heart beat and excitement of falling in love. She gently reminds us to be ourselves for the heart never lies. Of course, her story is a winner with poetry that gels beautifully with her love letter.

A treasure of love, you will find in ‘Hey, You!’ marvelously penned by Srilakshmi Indrasenan. She boldly speaks the language of the youth and gives us a feel on the complexity of love, bringing to the fore feelings that we normally hide. It’s a free love letter, devoid of any moral stamp where the author refuses to be cowed by social sanction or prejudice. She speaks freely on kisses, lust, and hot chocolate. It touches the complexity of human relationship where reference is made to IPL, Sapio-Sexual souls  that we are and of course, messy hair. Simply mesmerizing. I personally gush over love stories where cities are given prominence and dabbling with sexuality. ‘Hey, You’ stands out as one of the best love letters.

There are other love letters bearing the imprint of bloggers such as Kavya Menon who writes a beautiful and soulful poetry, Nandhini Chandrasekaran’s Secret Admirers,  Nirupama’s ‘To The Unknown by Known’ and ‘Hey Mister’ by Sharada Vijay which is peppy, sensual and romantic. Pavithraa Swaminathan’s ‘To my alluring rain drop’ is another beautifully woven tale.

What’s Not!

It’s a collection of love letters. How I hate picking flaws since love and the underlying emotions are personally subjective! Honestly, all the tales are beautifully done and touch the inner core of our hearts. Let me try picking some flaws: I would personally love to read more poetry expressing love in its whole form with a hint of subtlety. How about, a lengthy love tale set against the background of the fascinating city called Chennai? But, then, it’s my personal observation.

Final Words:

The Collection of Love Letters, ‘From Chennai With Love’ is alluring and mythical at times that will directly connect to your soul. Hope the Chennai Bloggers come up with a second volume super soon. This small token of love is laden with inspiring words and this aha feeling…you know what I mean, right? Love…smile in your sleep and jittery stuff. It’s propelling me to come up with a series of love letters on the blog. Have you ever fallen in love? If the answer is yes, grab the book for it will make you rise in love to re-discover the inner you.

Grab your copy on Amazon.



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      1. I look forward to read and that’s great job by CBC coming up with such creative works and giving authors a platform. I might come soon with an e-novella, my A to Z Challenge done in April:)

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