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A tribute to THE flicker of light@ Eccentric grand mum, Usha Ma’am

She came as a flicker of light in our lives and was a beacon of inspiration, never shy in encouraging us with kind words. I remember Usha Ma’am, Usha Menon, the feisty lady who sparkled lives with seamless energy and sprinkling freshness, tenderness and selfless love during our interaction. A doyen in the blogging world she might be but her infectious smile, a bubble of energy and youthful mind makes us love her loads. I feel weird writing this tribute to honor her memory since I feel she is still alive, dropping sweet and kind words on my blog and Facebook wall.

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Screenshot of Usha Ma’am taken from her Facebook/

It came as a wave of shock when I saw someone’s post on her Facebook wall that she is no more. I haven’t seen Usha Ma’am for quite some time and was wondering whether it’s the usual medical check up. I was so sure she will soon be back and make us smile. It wasn’t meant to be as she has left in her never-ending journey in the world of endless possibility. I was stuck in my own things that I didn’t ping her. I’ve known her for three years, first during the Write Tribe Challenge of ‘Seven’ and she was a loyal participant to the April A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Usha Menon has been a woman who is nothing short of an inspiration, being a teacher who believes in the noble cause of education. She won our hearts by sharing on eccentric grandmom about her experience as a teacher, her short stories were endearing and full of youthful appeal and how we love reading about how she drools over her grandchildren. No wonder when she suffered a stroke last year during a blogging challenge, she posted about it and promised to finish her writing in style. The Eccentric Grand Mum @Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha was the epitome of kindness and love my FB chat with her, never hesitating to bless me when I was going through a rough patch in life, her words were like miraculous hand to heal. I shall miss her words of kindness like many of us, to whom she remains an inspiration.

Our interaction with her was worth wealth in abundance. What a pearl of wisdom she has been! Energetic, youthful and super cool. Even if she didn’t agree with your perspective, she knew how to say it with kindness and one can feel the wisdom and kindness behind her words. Love the teasing that comes with her words, comments and her own posts on the blog. There was so much to learn from Usha Ma’am and sad that I have known for a short while for she had so much to knowledge to share with her. I just hope that her blog is not deleted!!

The only regret I have that in September 2014 she dropped a message, nominating me for blog awards. I didn’t know why I couldn’t take it or may be the fact, I became too busy with stuff and it escaped my mind. I shall honor her in a day or two, accepting the award to honor Usha Ma’am posthumously. I shall share the love with you on our interaction as bloggers and the lovely comments that made my life beautiful. I shall always remember her words: ‘I feel that I know forever despite we have never met.’ or ‘You are such a brilliant and talented boy.’ Her words worked like magic when the going was tough. Here sharing with you. Words! Shall always remain forever.

She came as an angel to sprinkle our lives with beauty and magic, spreading her wings to protect us from the fiery storms. I closed my eyes before sleeping yesterday and spoke some words to her soul, expressing my gratitude to her. I am sure she will protect all of us as she sits in heavenly blissful.

Usha Ma'am blog Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha/
Usha Ma’am blog Kuch Khatta Kuch Meetha/

“The politicians are a class of their own. No one is sincere. Today they are close friends and tomorrow they will be the worst enemies.

Hope you are awake and not dreaming!”

“Vishal, I was so much engrossed in reading your post that I did not see the message in my phone. And lo, I find this as a lesson for life. It is true that we learn numerous lessons from life. A great post. Loved reading it. See you tomorrow.”

“Vishal, I believe that all religions spread the same message. Only we have compartmentalised it. We celebrate all festivals with equal faith and love. This is what I have taught my children and grand children.”

“Vishal, I felt a lump in my heart as I came towards the end of this post. I can see how you and your friends spent wonderful days at Savera and how you must have felt when you knew about its closure. There are always sweet memories of the past which remain etched in our mind forever.”

“Vishal you write very beautifully. Sad to know about your job. You have the wishes of several blogger friends.”

“Very sweet post. Enjoy. Gup shup maro aur khush raho.”

“Ati sundar kavita. Padh ke bahut acha laga.”

“So I am the first one to comment. Perhaps the eldest blogger ( I will be 78) next month commenting on one of the youngest! Anyway age is no bar in friendship!”

“Coming to your post, I must say that you are a lively little pet of your Mom. You seem to have chosen journalism as your profession. Go on, child, you write very well. Best of luck!”

“Very touching and profound tribute to your Dad !! It’s very moving. I can see how much you miss him. Parent’s blessings are always there for the children.”

“Great imagination, Vishal. You have said above that it is a figment of your imagination. If imagination is so vivid how will the reality be?”

“Hi Vishal and Bhakti. I must thank you Vishal for bringing Bhakti to write a guest post on your site. Bhakti, the views of youngistan . though unconventional in some respects, makes very interesting reading.”

“Very interesting write-up of your experience of participation in Oorja Talent. Memories of functions in college life are very over powering. They always remain alive in our mind.”

“Yes Vishal, the mother WILL definitely understand him. Very profound story.”

“Love is something you can feel forever. Nice one.”

“Vishal, this is a very emotion filled sweet story. These kids are subjected to so much torture. How sweet that this child got a good Samaritan.”

“The interviewer and the interviewee, both are excellent. Vishal’s crisp questions and Sundari Madam’s sprightly and brisk replies made this interview a masterpiece.”

“Very interesting hilarious take on the topic! May God bless you with a very long and blissful life!!”

“Very emotional post from the pen of a young man, admiring the scene on the Marine Drive. His hopes and ambitions for the future are so genuinely wrapped in his whole being. Loved reading this narrative, which has an under current of ambitions and hopes for the future.”

“Our creativity at its best.!! Superb”

“Vishal you should be a happy person! Ups and downs are part of life. There can be no one whose life has only ups or only downs. Your 2013 has achievements, which should make you feel proud. Well done Vishal. Wish you a very happy new year. May all dreams come true in the coming year.”

“Vishal, this is a very touching post! How our parents have all their hopes on the child and he works to come up to their expectations. You have shown your gratitude for all those who came to your life.
Vishal I have nominated you for two awards ie. The most inspiring Blogger and the Sunshine Award. Please visit my post dated 24th Sept 2014, and accept my best wishes and Congrats.”

“Vishal, you have rightly pinpointed the real issues which are troubling every Indian at present. If Modi has to succeed he will have to take some bold steps mentioned by you.”

We shall never say good bye  our forever young friend for we will meet in another world.





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12 thoughts on “A tribute to THE flicker of light@ Eccentric grand mum, Usha Ma’am

  1. It is wonderful to know about Usha Ma’am through your post, and very touching as to know how much she inspired you with her blogging that you have paid such a lovely tribute to the feisty grandmum.

    1. Usha Ma’am was such an inspiration and her words left an imprint not on me but so many. We could have learned much more from the wonderful lady. I cherish her words, always:)

  2. Hi Vishal, this is such a lovely tribute to Usha Ma’am. She sounds like a wonderful person.

    Get that abandoned manuscript of yours out and start working on it. One and a half years is a very long time, so you will have to read the whole MS first and then make notes and start working on the second draft. Don’t let the story remain unfinished.

    1. Thanks soo much Rachna. Usha Ma’am was such an inspiration and blessing to us. You are such an incredibly talented writer and will take the cue to revive the story. I don’t want it to die. I attempted a novella for A to Z Challenge. Do read if you find time and put on feedback, positive or negative:)

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