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A2Z Challenge: Xenoblade

This post X for Xenoblade is written as part of #‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. It’s the climax for the novella tracing the journey of a star losing his memory, time travelling and facing his foes. Hope you all liked the journey but twists in the tale are not yet over.


I coolly walk, avoiding each bullet fired by henchmen and shots banging against my bullet proof jacket that neutralizes them.  I finish them like gazillion bubble, expertly pulling guns tucked inside my jeans and shocks, and they fly in the air like fireworks on display.

Leaping and thrusting from one end to the other, I didn’t miss my targets and splay my legs in front of them, hitting them ferociously.

Hiding behind mirror and glass decorations, I bamboozle them by throwing miniature cardboard versions of my own self. They fire in the void. I catch them the wrong way and burst explosives where they flow backward to burn in the raging fire. I see Bhai Saab running away and throw myself on the plump body, wrestle with him, before overpowering the demon.  Bang! He hits me on my hand that is soaking into blood and laughs like a maniac. I repeat his act and we laugh together till he abruptly stops.

“Laugh Bhai Saab. I am doing the same. Tere liye mera taang hi kaafi hai (For you, my legs are enough).” I stretch my legs and hit him on the head where he loses his balance to crash on the floor.  I roll my tongue, gently swirling it to brush my tooth to make a popping sound. “Bhai Saab! Bhai Saab! Let’s play a game since you love doing that. It’s called Xenoblade,” I break into splinter of laughter.

I forcefully push my knee forward and administer blow on his throat. Bhai Saab yells in pain.  “Stand on the dead bodies of your henchmen. Time to test your endurance,” I threaten him. After all, he has no choice. He is sweating and pleading to me. “You are like my son. Please let me go,” the coward is crying.

I twist my neck, “The game is fun, na. Enjoying the game your son is making you play. Remember sugar daddy you once told me that one pays a heavy price to be in the showbiz. I am enjoying the thrill of seeing you sweating.”

He is in total dismay. I fire gun shots to aim for his legs and he jumps with his draining energy.  The villain is losing his vigor and blood is oozing from his lip. I fling my belt on his face and menacingly look at him with raw intensity, “If I let you run away today, every innocent boy and girl will curse me for you will rattle them like a snake. After all, the snake has to die. Your ego and desire will destroy your soul that needs to be reminded of sins committed, destruction of young kids and killing of innocent people.”

Bhai Saab eyes are moist and I am enjoying this emasculated version of the ruthless don.  I whistle, “Chalo! I’ll make your last wish true. I tell you a story: I struggled to become an actor in Mumbai till I met you. Remember, the fire inside the film sets where both you and Shantanu Sir made me lie in exchange for a film career. It’s not you who played a game with me, after all. I made you and Shantanu Sir the Katputli. I am on a mission. It started at that time.”

His face is losing color and eyes wide open, meekly asking, “Who are you?” I laugh, “The DCP discovered that I was lying when he interrogated me on the fire that killed innocents. You made the life of Mumbai police a living hell and they got at you through a ploy.”

“There was no better way to get the secret of the mafia than through a film struggler turning into an undercover cop overnight. My real name is Vijay Srivastav, undercover cop and film superstar Akhil Kumar. The police gave me a new identity. I became a film star and a cop at the same time. Game over.”

I throw my police pass on Bhai Saab who grabs it with both hands and is in a state of shock as I press the remote control button before grabbing the rope hanging on the wall, oscillating past the hotel and swirling towards the ground.

I clumsily walk with wounded legs and deafening explosions behind my back. The five-star hotel is turning into ashes and I can hear the howling voice of the underworld don wearing the garb of a senior actor, writhing in pain. My last act is done. The game of Xenoblade is over!



Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

15 thoughts on “A2Z Challenge: Xenoblade

  1. Omg. This feels like watching a movie. I’d like to know where did you draw the inspiration for such a scene. I also regret for not having followed the series.

  2. Twist in the tale was good. I thought you would reserve it for the last. Or is this not yet the end. With a little more detailing this can go for a script of a hindi film. You must try that.

    1. Thanks so much, Jayanthi. It’s the climax and more is kept for the last two outings. Yeah! That would make for an interesting novel and why not a movie. I enjoy ur theme loads:)

    1. It’s inspired by flicks of 70s and 80s. A tribute to Big B’s potboilers. All the posts for April are here:) About a film superstar losing his memory, time travelling and battling his foes:)

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