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A to Z Challenge: Vanquish the Victor

The post ‘Vanquish the Victor’ is written as part of ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. Hope you will like today’s post and brickbats or flowers, bring it on.

V for Vanquish the Victor

I sit inside the dark police cell for hours biting my nails and counting the tipping point on my wrist watch every second. The rustic metallic door creaks open and a short officer, sporting a thick moustache and wearing Khaki uniform steps in.

He offers me a plate of samosas and gulab jamun, “Have a bite Sir and drink some tea. I take a tea sip.  He says with an expressionless face, “There is no case registered against you and there was no better way for us to meet. Bhai Saab is planning to plot his revenge by killing you in public.  As DCP, I have already made secret arrangement so that my men protect you from the mafia who is making the city a living hell.”

I am speechless and stop short of gulping the tea. “You must be wondering why this favour? ” he asks. I nod.

“Sir, I am a father. I have a daughter. You saved my daughter from those demons at the farm house and it’s my duty to protect a good man. When you walk out from here, go straight to your shoot but tread cautiously. Don’t utter a single word to anyone,” his voice wobbles with emotion.

I drive straight to the shoot where I spot a huge crowd waiting for me with dark and saffron flags. I sense trouble. The police have put barricades and having a tough time controlling the hostile crowd shouting, ‘Down with Akhil Kumar…Akhi Kumar chor hai…saala chutiya…burn this traitor alive.’ My posters are getting torn and burn in public glare.

It takes me a while to maintain my calm and composure. The AD gently touches me on my shoulder, “Sir, shot is ready.” Today, the people who once loved me are turning into my biggest enemy. A tale of ‘Vanquish the Victor.’

I wear sunglasses to hide my moist eyes and intensely scan the crowd baying for my blood. Like Paulo Coelho once said, ‘The Winner Stands Alone’. I still remember my first shoot as the crowned prince when I got down from my brand new SUV shooting at Fort.

The crowd went into a frenzied state and shoving each other to approach and touch me, yearning for a handshake. They would hold their palms together and cup it to their faces so that the moment would never fade away.  Girls would shout on top of their voices, “Akhil kiss me” and throwing themselves on me for a peck on my cheek and lip, almost forcing to scribble my autograph on their hands, arms and backs. It was the Akhil Kumar tattoo. The adulation and the ripple of sensation that I created everywhere where throng of fans shouting my name, ‘Akhil! Akhil!’ propelled me on more than one occasion to sneak by the back door. I was the undisputed king of showbiz.

It’s the same spot today. The crowd suddenly went into a tizzy and running amok with people shouting that feels like a heart pounding climax of an action film.

On the spur of the moment, the police van dashes inside the shooting location and burst into the tent that gives shade to the film crew and film equipment flying like fireworks in the air. The crowd is fleeing away from the shot where I can hear blasting gunshots.

I am in dismay and shock. I can’t react or move. A bullet shoves past my chest and another one hit me on the back and the stomach. Maya is in tears and shouts, ‘Help!! Help! He has been shot.’ I stumble on my knee and before lying flat on the ground. The DCP and his officers pull me with all their might and exert their physical force to shield me inside the police van.

My eyelids are half close and feel a thumping sound inside my body reaching the heart and brain. I hear the police siren and the DCP shouting to the constable, ‘Storm ahead and break everything on the way. We must reach Breach Candy Hospital in less than 15 minutes. The police van breaks the traffic signal, swerving and screeching its way in the crazy traffic moving at snail pace.  The police van hustles its way towards the hospital lobby and almost breaks the door at the emergency. The cops pull me out and I can faintly hear the DCP voice choking, “Emergency. No fucking questions or FIR. Get him inside the operation theatre or I will nail you in some case.”

I can feel the cold hand of Maya, caressing my hair and tears rolling on my forehead as I am ushered on the trolley bed inside the operation theatre. I can sense the lifeless body muttering, ‘Vanquish the victor’.


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

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  1. enjoyed it, life of these celebs, they go high and higher and then all of a sudden they fall down… Irony of being a celebrity people love you equally as they hate you!!!

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