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U for Under dog

This post ‘U for Underdog’ is written as part of ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.


I hush inside the conference hall at the ‘By the Backbay Hotel’ surrounded by the sea at Marine Drive. The bevy of press reporters and TV reporters are speaking loudly and suddenly go into hush mode when they saw me.

The gazillion of cameras inches me closer on my face and I feel mutilated like grenades and guns from all quarters. I take a pause and sip water from the Bisleri bottle. My eyes look around the room and can sense that the media is ready to pounce on me, with faces sniggering on me. After all, an underdog is everyone’s favorite punch bag.

I say, “Have you ever wondered what makes an underdog so successful yet is the most hated? I know something about it.” The room falls silent. My PR team and Maya looks at me agape, wondering what has got into me.

“The underdog doesn’t have the right to be successful on his own terms. I am not a superstar with a tragic story that makes me a story worth writing on tabloids. My struggle, the real one is unwritten for no one, except me knows about it. I am here to speak the truth, nothing but the truth. Hath the fury,” I valiantly say.

“I am confessing about my crimes. I am guilty of compromising my way to the top and was used at my own will by people like Bhai Saab. I was the toy boy of Meera who was in cohort with Bhai Saab and transported packets containing drugs on his behalf. I was not aware of the content but when I did, it was too late. Money is an addiction and power corrupts minds. The more I wanted to stop it, the more I got suck into it. I couldn’t stop things. After all, it was a question of surviving. I compromised on my dignity and self-respect to make it big in the industry.”

I took a pause and continue, “I was blackmailed into doing things but for how long I can hide my crime. I am guilty of being silent. I acted in movies financed by the mafia on Bhai Saab’s request. You know why: He is the biggest mafia lord in the country. Producers were gunned down. Bhai Saab is behind several crimes. You will recall about the fire on film sets but it was not an accident. Rather a premeditated act to claim millions where innocent people died. I am at the mercy of corrupt politicians and the mafia.”

“There is another lie I blatantly told everyone. It’s true that I lost my memory and I am now fine. I am far from being a role model. I make a request to you all: Investigate on people like Bhai Saab who is corrupting the industry and exploited young wanna be actors and actresses. But, I warn him that I am going to take on him fearlessly and expose the truth on the table. I was blinded by fame and power but not anymore.”

The hall is witness to a flurry of chaos with reporters sending a barrage of questions like bullets of fire.

TV reporter 1: Are you saying such things under pressure?

I smile, “Which pressure are you speaking about? I am speaking the truth. One has to be fearless and nothing shall prevent me to walk the path of fire. If I was scared, I would not be sitting here and confessing how I was part of the crimes.

Tabloid reporter 2: Are you not scared of death?

I start speaking when another journalist made a jibe at me. “He must be preparing for his next role, confusing between reel and real life,” she remarks.

I am seething with anger, “I would like to tell you all that nothing will cow me down. I already took my decision when I saw innocent children being trafficked by people like Bhai Saab and it was me who put the fire there to escape and save lives. I risked my own life to save so many. Do you think I will be scared of death?

A fury lady journalist shouts, “He should be hanged and in the eyes of the law, he is a criminal. Are you aware what you are saying can be used against you by the court of law?”

I say, “It’s your right to judge me. I am ready to face consequences of my actions and if I am here today to face you all, it means I am ready to face the music.

A young girl raises her hand, “Sir! We have just obtained information that Bhai Saab has been released from jail.”

At the same time, a team of police officers walk inside the chaotic conference room gone berserk.

.The DCP tells, “Sir, you are under arrest. Can you accompany us to the station and cooperate. We don’t want to use force.”

I calmly nod, “Let’s go.”

My security follows me in another car. I can hear Maya shouting, “Yes! He is being arrested. Get me the best lawyer in town, now.” The TV crew and press reporters are following us and I can see camera zooming on the police jeep.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

14 thoughts on “U for Under dog

    1. Thanks so much, Indah. Do check few other posts like Letter S and the next one publishing in another hour. I will get back to your blog once this challenge is over on Saturday. It’s crazy:)

    1. Thanks so much Patgarcia. I am doing a novella on fiction character of a film star, losing his memory, travels to the past and facing the reality. He has a huge battle to fight the villains. Your words means lot:)

  1. Hey caugh you . .the last three lines in this post are inspired by the scene in the movie ‘Fan’ isnt it …
    You can give your book the title mumbai masala or masala from mayanagari or something like that.

    1. Guilty as charged, Jayanthi:) I did borrow the inspiration from Fan. Great suggestion and love both Mumbai Masala/Masala from Mayanagari:)
      You know when I come back to India, I intend to do a book on real struggle of aspirants with research:)
      Btw, are you on FB? If yes, let’s connect!!

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