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FAN: Shah Rukh Khan rises above the script in a stupendous act

Film Review: FAN

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan as Gaurav Chandna and Aryan Khanna, , Waluscha de Sousa, Sayani Gupta, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Deepika Amin and Yogendra Tiku.

Producer: Yashraj Films

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Rating: Three and a half

There are adulated stars treated like demi-gods by fans drooling over them, cutting hands and worshipping them with blood and in temples. When the idol worship is superseded by obsession, it hinges dangerously where they became a threat to the lives of the superstars. Every day, there are thousands who flock to Mumbai, nurturing dreams to be Vijay, Rahul or Aryan Khanna, for that matter in Fan. Maneesh Sharma and Shah Rukh Khan’s latest flick, Fan, try to explore the relationship between an obsessed fan, Gaurav and his idol Aryan Khanna (Shah Rukh Khan), which he worships like crazy. It forms the backbone of the story line how blind love for the idol soon turns into hatred.

Gaurav Chandna is a Dilli ka chokra who swears over his idol Aryan Khanna, calling him Senior and wins a competition that lands him in front of his superstar’s home at Mannat in Mumbai.  He goes to any extent to protect his hero, by erupting into the van of a rival star and threatening him. Our fan doesn’t accept no for an answer and is the spoilt child of his hero, in his own eyes. The star refuses to give him five minutes of his life and humiliates him. Gaurav is heartbroken and decides it’s payback time.

Shah Rukh Khan is simply stupendous, magnificent and brilliant as Gaurav and plays the star Aryan Khanna in an endearing manner. He sinks into the skin of the character, injecting pain, angst and evil shades that he portrays with gusto. He rides high over and above the script which is disjointed in the second half to make Fan a winner. The film belongs to King Khan who delivers one of his best performances in his glorious film career.

The first half has pace and is engaging and but loses steam in the second half. The script is largely at fault in the second half and borrows heavily on cliché. The obsessive Gaurav impersonates Aryan and doesn’t hesitate in groping a woman or for that matter, The superstar, Aryan Khanna, battles an image that he puts for the public and can be ruthless in private is an oft-repeated and often heard public narrative. A larger than life image that is often difficult to be preserved! The slick narration is missing and edgy fast paced treatment in the first half is suddenly lost after the interval.

The crisp editing, dialogue delivery, screenplay by Habib Faisal and direction by Maneesh Sharma draw heavily on King Khan yore days in flicks such as Darr and Baazigar to lend credence and authenticity. The clash between Gaurav and Aryaan has been well-etched and skilfully constructed. It is done in a top-notch manner that stays among the high moments in the film. Aryaan Khanna waving to fans in front of SRK house in Bandra is real and showcases the bond the star shares with his fans at Mannat. Such originality captures the essence of a superstar in all his moods and moments. A sense of déjà vu for die-hard SRK, waving to him and the latter is at his real best.

However, the lack of songs goes against the soul of the film and sad that the Jabra Fan Anthem is sorely missing. The song has pace, is a celebration of Fan and superstardom that makes the audience stay hungry. The scene where Gaurav inveigles into Aryan Khanna’s home should have been tightly edited.

Despite the odds, Fan is a must watch for all Shah Rukh Khan die-hards. Gaurav is dreadful and incredible, portraying the double personality disorder with aplomb. The way he forces Aryan Khanna to say sorry like an adamant child brings in empathy and someone you will love to hate but your heart sinking at the same time. Simply endearing and sensational. The chase is fast paced and gripping, though it could have been more dramatic to reach an octane level. What somewhat works against the movie is that post interval it’s high on style that overshadows the missing fluid treatment!

Watch Fan for it will go down in history as one of the most memorable Shah Rukh Khan’s performance, fearlessly saving the patchy script. The film starts with clippings of his earlier movies and interview in his younger days which is a plus point. Fan belongs to Shah Rukh Khan and hey no one can accuse him of being King Khan the star, playing to the gallery. More power to SRK for getting experimental in this brand of role, a far cry from Raj and Rahul.



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15 thoughts on “FAN: Shah Rukh Khan rises above the script in a stupendous act

    1. Very nice review! 🙂
      I saw the movie yesterday. Even I thought it was awesome. I thought it was very intelligently made, especially the revenge parts!

      1. Thanks so much and glad to see you here. SRK acted so well as Gaurav, though the script should have been more tight. Do read my A to Z, if you find time:)

  1. A lovely review. I saw this movie last week and loved it, in spite of the skepticism of the multitude. You have covered all the aspects of the movie nicely! To be honest I subconsciously started to compare this movie to another of SRK starrer Darr, in which he had enacted a similar role.

    Over all, it’s not a bad one!

    1. I did the same and drew comparison between the body language. SRK shines and rode high above the script that makes it good. The script is the devil here!! I love how Gaurav plays with his lips and body language. One of his best performances.

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