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A to Z: Trail the trail

The post ‘Trail the trail’ is written as part of  ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge. I am doing a novella and we are reaching the climax.


Trail the trail

I slowly open my eyes and veer from dark to blurred and real image, surrounded by white wall and green curtain. Maya is sitting on a chair and gets up to cheerfully greet me. “It’s going to be alright, now,” she says.

I feel unusually at peace with myself and the world seems to be a paradise. I hold her before saying, thank you. She slaps me playfully and says there is no need for formality.

What she is going to say would blow my mind and shatter me into tiny pieces. Maya holds my shoulder and takes my name, ‘Akhil!’. Her words ring in compassion: “You gotta fight it out raw and battle your foes.” She spoke with the confidence of a corporate honcho and ups the tone in her voice.

“You didn’t lose your memory on the fancy of nature or God. After all, Mother India played havoc with you…the shot of Sarilophilia was concocted to conspire with your memory.”

I jump off the hospital bed, “What do you mean?” She laughs, “Sanjana claims to be your girlfriend but she is not. She dances to the tune of Bhai Saab operating from jail. They are after your life since the farm house fracas and the mafia won’t leave you in peace. You’ve been poisoned so that you don’t remember anything and they plan to kill you.”

She walks away and turns her back with a mischievous smile, “Right guess. Everyone in your flat is part of the conspiracy. You gotta slug it out for Bhai Saab is the mafia kingpin. The fight between him and his pals are all made out to make you relish in false victory.”

Maya flings the TV remote control on my lap and urges me to watch live 24 X 7 Live. It’s Breaking News. “Revealed. Akhil Kumar is part of a dreaded gang…a news that has sent the film industry into a tizzy and has shocked his fans…they are burning his effigy everywhere. Has he fallen from grace?”

The TV anchor seems to be bitten by fury when she asks, “Drugs and arms trafficking. Brushing shoulders with underworld and terrorists. Is this the real face of the Hindi film superstar? In a document, senior actor Bhai Saab who is in jail reveals how Akhil Kumar is involved in crimes and spends his time with prostitutes. Mere allegations or reality bite? Time will tell. But, one thing we can tell our viewers that the odds are stacked against the superstar alleging to kill the wife of film producer Meera with whom he had a torrid affair. He used her for personal gains and killed her. Is the country’s youth icon and bravery awardee a maniac?”

I feel dizzy and my knees are weak. My voice is choking. I tell Maya: “It means they are on a trail to destroy me. Perhaps it’s time to slug it out. Let it get dirty. It’s the time to resurrect myself. I have been party to their crimes. I will fight Bhai Saab and his bunch of mafia. I will either destroy their trail or be engulfed by flames. Let the game begin. Call a press conference now.”

Maya tries to reason with me, “But, Akhil…”

I am adamant, “I say NOW.”

Maya presses her lips, “Okay!” before she storms out of the room and shouts on her cell phone. “An urgent press conference…I don’t care. It’s in one hour. Get everyone ready and I want to see all media guys. Pull your socks. Beef up all security and bring the Black cat commandos.”

I chortle to myself and slap my face, caught in a conundrum of emotions, “Ab aayega asli mazaa…the fun starts now…trail the trail.”







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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    1. Thanks for coming Saru. Yesh! You can make Sarkaar comparison, I bet but it’s not drawn on the lines..An attempt to make a thriller with lotsa actions. Guess!! Last week is the toughest:)

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