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Romancing words with Purba Chakraborty

Who says romance is passe and buried in the age of technology and gadgets? Think again!! Believers of old age romance need not fret for author Purba Chakraborty is here to make your days colorful and smoothie like your strawberry shake and falooda. The blog features…yeah you’ve read it right…romance author and poet Purba Chakraborty who weaves romance in her mind and translates her creative stride into beautiful books that charm not just readers but birds off the trees. Before you sit down and enjoy the ride with Purba, let’s give her a big shout. Purba! We love you. Your fans and admirers adore you.

Purba Chakraborty
Purba Chakraborty takes you on a journey of words, poetry and magic.


Poet, social influencer, freelance writer, blogger and web content developer, the author needs no introduction for she has authored two novels, ‘Walking in the streets of love and destiny’ in 2012 published by Diamond Books and ‘The Hidden Letters’ in 2014 published by Bluejay Books (an imprint of Srishti Publishers and Distributors). The poetic artist in her released a collection of poems, ‘The Heart Listens to No One” in February 2016. She has to her credit, several short stories, poems and articles published in anthologies and magazines such as  ‘Shades of Life’, ‘Rhymes and Rhythm’, ‘Mélange ~ a potpourri of thoughts’, ‘Kaafiyana’, ‘Stories for your valentine’, “Fusion-A mingled flavor mocktail’, eFiction’ and ‘Writer’s Ezine’.

Fasten your seat belt and fly high in the lounge of love, poetry and romance.

You must be imagining words in your pram when everybody was gushing at the baby girl. Did you remember when you first cooked tales as a toddler?

        Ha ha 😀

 The first memory of writing that I have is that of poems. I think that I wrote my first poem when I was eight years old. My           mother was very angry at me that day for some reason. So, to melt her anger, I wrote a poem for her. I started writing short stories since I was fourteen years old. I used to write them in my diary and sometimes, read them to my friends.

You published ‘Walked in the streets of love and destiny’ and ‘The Hidden Letters. How much of your hometown ‘Kolkatta’ one can find in your novels?

A lot of Kolkata. The entire backdrop of my first novel, “Walking in the streets of love and destiny” is Kolkata. Although the story of “The Hidden Letters” is based mostly in Singapore and Mumbai, the most important scene of the novel takes place in Kolkata, at the Kalighat Temple which propels the story.

Your books are all about love and romance. How would you define love and the role it plays in weaving your characters?

Though it is not deliberate, but I end up writing about love and relationships as they fascinate me a lot. Love, is actually very simple. You can fall in love with anyone at any point of time. It is unconditional, uncontrollable, undemanding and the most beautiful thing in this universe. It doesn’t require any logic or explanation.

However, relationships are not that simple. Love, alone is not enough fodder for a relationship, because there are certain expectations. It is conditional. The two people involved have to give an equal amount of effort to make it survive. There has to be responsibility, a sense of fulfilment, understanding, friendship, trust and loyalty.

You also published your first poetry book, ‘The Heart Listens to No One…’ What has been the inspiration: love, memories or something else?

 Definitely, love. I let my heart stay immersed in the magic of love while penning the poems of “The Heart Listens to No One”. I could feel the intensity of love that I have in my heart and I just allowed my feelings to wear the cloth of words, without any inhibition. 

How would you define poetry?

Poetry is the process of sketching your intricate feelings and then, coloring them with beautiful words.

 Do words come easily to you? I mean, your words in the book are so effortlessly churned that it touches the soul like gentle, windy breeze.

I think poetry comes easily to me. Once I put my pen to paper, the flow of words happens naturally. When I am writing a story, it’s not that effortless. I have to get under the skin of the characters to bring them alive through words.

Purba pic 1
The author and her muse.

The book is also about love, totally free and gentle but also vividly captures memories. Has your experience played a part in your poetry?

Yes, I am sure my own personal experiences and my observation have played a huge role in shaping up the poems. You have to know that euphoric feeling and that stinging pain to write about them. You can’t imagine feelings.

How were your first two books born? I mean, was there something that tickled you that you got to hit the published button. How long it took right from inception to re-working the drafts to complete your first book?

When I wrote my first book “Walking in the streets of love and destiny”, I had not realized my inner calling. I did not know that my vocation is writing, at that point in time. 

I wrote the book because of two reasons. One, because writing a book was on my bucket list and two, because I felt this story needs to be told. I started writing very slowly and after almost eight months, I finished writing it. I did not know anything about the publishing industry at that time. I just googled a few publishers and send my manuscript to them. I said yes to the first publisher who wrote back to me, saying my script was selected.

Today, I feel that my first book was like a surprise gift to myself. Later, when I was writing “The Hidden letters”, I realized my inner calling. I realized that I want to polish my craft and write till my last breath.

 You are also working on your next book. I bet, it will be about love and romance!

The next novel that I wrote after “The Hidden Letters” was a psychological thriller dealing with the life of two sisters. I am yet to finalize a publisher for it. I plan to start working on my next book within a few days and yes, it will be about love.

Being a romance writer, how do you feel about new age writers who made English literature accessible to the Indian masses? I read about an American writer who lived in India profess her love for a popular English writer-loved and hated with equal passion by fellow Indians-on how he captured emotions and made the language down to earth. Your thoughts!

That’s a wonderful thing that people are reading more, these days. As a writer, I am happy to see more readers around me.

 As a writer, what do you make out of authors writing in Hinglish to inject the desi flavour in books?

Well, that’s a personal choice. I am no one to comment on anyone’s writing style. However, I would never like to write in Hinglish to inject the Desi flavor.

purba 3

Rapid Fire Round

-Love or chocolate?

~ Both

-In three words, how should a guy propose you?

 ~ Sing a song

-Pick up lines or poetry to woo you?

~Poetry, definitely.

-The title of your last book would be?

~ The Artist

-Gazing at stars in the evening or sitting by the bay writing with beer  in hand?

~Sitting by the bay, writing with some soft music in background.

-Flowers to you means?

~ Beauty

-Romance to you means?

~ Expression of love

-Love, Sex or Dhoka?

~ Love






Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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  1. love the reference to smoothies 🙂 Always a pleasure to read about Purba… Yes Purba… we LOVE you girl! Keep up the good work… we are all very proud of you…

    Thanks Vish for this lovely piece!

  2. A very beautiful interview and loved the insight into such a little dynamite! No wonder she writes so good! She thinks way beyond her years! Awesome work, Vishal and Purba!

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