L for Lo! Jabra Fan

This post L for Lo! Jabra Fan is written as a tribute to one of the biggest star, the one and only King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan on the eve of the release of Fan. Yes! We are all gaga on Jabra Fan anthem. The entire fiction is still written as part of  ‪#‎AtoZChallenge‬: Blogging from A to Z April Challenge: 2016

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Lo! Jabra fan

I am distracted. I move my hips watching Gaurav doing the Jabra dance on TV. I wanna sing, dance and emote like him on the streets. Last time, my Memsaab whacked me for running away and for being drenched staring for hours in front of Mannat at Bandra to get a dekho of Shah Rukh Khan. I was lost in the crowd. I am the Jabra Fan.

I sneak out and wander on the streets and my legs take me at CST to watch the crowd running berserk to catch the local.  I munch on Channa. I am staring at the camera and the girl dancing. It’s the shooting of a film. The dude sporting a white hat sitting on the director’s chair pushes someone away and his gaze is fixed on me. He shouts, “Arre hero. I am calling you only. Will you act?” I go silent and dunno whether to laugh or cry. Now, why he is making fun of me? I don’t know, I say in a feeble voice. “Yes, or No,” he yells. I timidly utter yes. “Good. Just stand behind the heroine and the hero will kick you in the bum.”

Ouch! He hits me hard. I get 2000 bucks for just standing like an extra and it’s better that I become an actor than slogging my ass.  As I leave, the director calls, “Will you do the Jabra dance like Shah Rukh?” I can’t contain my excitement. He asks his AD Koyal to brief me about the whole thing. She smiles, “Lucky dude! Shantanu Sir asking you to do the Jabra dance. The thing is Fan is releasing in 2 days and Shah Rukh wants us to do a promotional with young kids performing the full-length dance for social media. Tomorrow, be ready. It will be called Lo! Jabra Dance.”

The next day was spent shooting the Jabra song on the crowded street. My body is aching and those guys are making me do the same old boring stuff. I feel like running away. I am shouted at.

One! Two! Three!! Follow karo Twitter Pe, tag karo Facebook pe!!! Tu hai sode ki bottle mein banta tera..tera madness…Mein tera tera..Jabra Fan Hogaya!! Camera Rolling! Repetition! One two three! Action.

I follow step but it goes wrong. The tough camera guys are cursing, ‘Fuck dude!! Follow the choreographer. It’s a simple step. Ok! Bhenchod!! Get it right.’ One, two, three, four…Mein Tera Mein Tera Jabra Fan…

My legs are swollen and finally, the whole song is canned past midnight. Koyal runs to hug and gives me a tight kiss. “You’ve done it.” We hear a crowd shouting and Koyal leaps on her feet, “Lo! He’s here,” She is suddenly excited.

I ask, “Loo! I don’t need to go to the loo.” She is irritated, “Lo, not Loo, Baba. Lo is an English word and it means to call attention and show surprise. That’s why Lo! Jabra Dance. Shah Rukh Khan is here. See.”

The man walks past the crowd yelling his name, ‘Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh! Shah Rukh!!! It takes him a while to walk past the jamboree in frenetic mode and despite the frenzy, he remains unaffected. He coolly walks to me. I stammer, ‘ShhShahhh Rukk Sirr!’

The man who is adored by millions hugs me with Lo! Jabra fan’. Well done, dude and been watching all your steps. You will go far.’ He caressed my forehead and scampers his step away, waving to fans and kissing children on their cheeks. He disappears like a dust of wind. ‘Lo! Jabra Fan!’, I laugh.




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  2. Interesting read, I enjoyed the story-line.
    PS Looking forward to watching SRK’s film, I have grown up seeing him, the superstar. However, I grew out of the fandom in past few years. Hoping this movie will depict the grandiose of SRK all over again.

  3. Pchhh … i am kicking myself
    had a free ticket for the Friday first day first show of FAN and i did not take it up because i could not get out of office by then .. Duh !!!

    Nice tribute to King khan ..
    But then have you deviated from your story .. or is A to Z fatigue getting on to you as well ?


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