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C for Coffee

This post ‘Letter C for Coffee is written as part of the ‘Blogging from A to Z Challenge (April 2016). Click here for more.

C for Coffee

“I promised that I will meet you,” I hear a cold hand tap my shoulders. Her face shines brightly as she walks with unmatched confidence, dressed in blue denim and white shirt, in the crowded coffee shop.

She doesn’t flinch in giving me a peck on my cheek. I can feel her fragrance and the strong strawberry lip balm wafting in the air. She looks straight at me, “Wait! Let me guess. Latte..yes, two lattes,” she signals to the waiter at Starbucks.

“How do you know? Do I like Latte?” I quiz her like a stern cop.

“I know everything about you. Your favorite coffee, perfumes, fetish for sex and the kind of women, you love to bang. Now, don’t look at me with suspicion. I am not like them and my sole aim is to help you come out of this mess. I must confess that I am drawn to your persona but cannot explain why. The first time I saw you at Churchgate where you roared with anger, shouting like a mad man convinced me that behind the myth, lies a child trapped in a man’s body. You are a sensitive soul,” she speaks with compassion.

“I don’t know all this. You are also like them who claim to know so much about me. What myth? What do you know about me?” I ask.

“Holy shit. Stupid of me to forget about your memory loss. I am here to help you and let’s try to find out the real you. We will dig into your past,” she speaks like a pro.

“Who are you?” I threaten her.

“Hello, dude. Keep this acting in your films. I am not the least interested. I am a 12th standard student and will soon join St Xaviers to do my Bachelor’s in Psychology. You are in good hands. Do You want to find out who you were a few days back? Yes or No, !” she means business.

I think for a while and after all, what harm will a stranger women do to me and at least, through her, I’ll get to know the roles others are playing with my life.

“Of course, yes,” I say.

She tells me it’s the time to get to business to find out the real me. I shall behave as normal as possible and as if nothing happened. “Let’s run,” She says.

“Where?, ” I ask.

“To meet Tanya’s Dad. He is a renowed psychologist. We will bribe him with money. He gotta testify that you are perfectly normal so that you are back to your celebrity life.  It’s  gonna be fun pretending to know who you are when you are unaware of your existence. Let the world and your loved ones speculate on your state of awareness on your un awareness. We will discover their tricks and unveil your foes.

I protest, “But, our coffee…”

She forcefully drags me away from my brewing cup, “The coffee is aware of your unawareness. Relax!! It’s the mightiest grain like the turn your life is poised to be take. You can have coffee at any weird place and time.”


Work-in-progress, seeker, and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian!!!

10 thoughts on “C for Coffee

  1. Ha ha.. That was an interesting tale. I didn’t see that coming in the end though.. i thought may be a good conversation will take over coffee, but that is okay 🙂


    1. Tell you a secret: I don’t even know what my female character is all about. For sure, she is smart and strong:)
      Hopefully, he will. I am sketching ideas and possibilities…need a villain as well:)

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