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Book Review: ‘The Heart listens to No One..’ a magical lush of words


Book Review: The Heart Listens to No One..It hums its own song…


Purba Chakraborty

Published: February 2016

Rating: Four stars

Credit: Goodreads

A bouquet of poem collections, author Purba Chakraborty brings 38 of them to you, split into themes of Unconditional love, Longing, Romance, Fond Reminisces and Separation. As the book title frames it, ‘The Heart Listens to No One..It hums its own song…’, words come easily to Purba in its gentle form and breezy showing the various facets of falling in love, making lifetime memories and igniting the flame of togetherness inside die-hard romantics.

The language is simple but yet evocative that touches every stroke in your soul and vein. It’s about love, the often unrequited emotion that bears the mark of human complexity. The best thing about the poems compilation is that the author doesn’t try too hard in unveiling the language of the heart to depict human emotions. Love is flawed, one is tempted to think when we read the words poured by the author. Passionate, soulful, divine and philosophical, the poems are like moving lyrics churned in the mind, body and soul.

One feels rejuvenated, calm and soothing reading such magical lush of words and lullaby that touches the inner chord. The ‘Soul tale’ is all about surreal imageries felt like a bullet piercing the heart. Don’t we all build a description of love, no matter how over rated and non-existential in our heart?! In Musical Silence, Purba deciphers the beauty of nature and hearts beating to the tune of silence. Powerful yet divinely silent. That’s what true love is all about.

The book is all about poetry and ‘You are my poetry’ is a tribute to the muse, often resorting to writing as a means to depict love, pain and perhaps unrequited expectations. The prose is simple, evocative and complex. Well, an ode to life in every shape and form, dear poet, I am tempted to say.

‘The Heart Listens to No One..It hums its own song…’, is not just about poem and the magical hues of words finding an echo with love, romance and language of the heart. Rather, it beautifully explores the crimson clear cloud, osmosis of winter, joy of monsoon and Memories. Purba’s poetry about memories struck my heart and mind when we have experienced the moments that married our soul and we wish such cherished moments to comeback and remain eternally present inside us. A tale of ‘Watering the memories’ and painting the ‘Colors of Love’ makes us experience the defining moment that only the author is attuned to but is refreshing to our mind that magic is not something one can see faraway in the sky but is present in every second in our lives.

One of my favorite poem penned by Purba is ‘Cup of Nostalgia’ where every word is meant to be consumed like a sweet meat and hold to the palate of senses, like the morning coffee. Describing the words as beautiful would be an understatement but as an emotion to be felt like fragrance of beans, up to the nostrils and travelling to every inch of our senses.

Author Purba Chakraborty/credit @

‘She sits by the window

With an old letter

And a cup of nostalgia;

And she savors them..

Every smell, sound and touch is vivid and pronounced..

His esoteric presence in his absence..

Time stays, people go

Soul mates are never apart..’

The only thing that I hold against this small divine collection is that one could and should ask for more prose falling from the cloud and the book could and should have been longer to delight readers. Words garnished with emotions true to the core, ‘The Heart Listens to No One..It hums its own song…’ is a must have in your collection. Go and grab it on Amazon.

You can connect with the author on Facebook,Twitter and Goodreads. The author blogs at ‘Laugh, Laugh and reflect!



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16 thoughts on “Book Review: ‘The Heart listens to No One..’ a magical lush of words

  1. What a wonderful surprise! 🙂
    First of all, thank you so much Vishal for reviewing my book. You have reviewed it so beautifully with sentences like “it beautifully explores the crimson clear cloud, osmosis of winter, joy of monsoon and Memories” that I couldn’t help reading it twice.
    I will keep your point in mind when I would work on my next poetry book. Another reviewer also told me that the book should have been a little longer.
    Thanks once again for the encouraging words and your valuable time. Means a lot 🙂

    1. It’s a gem, Purba and something one should keep in the pocket, meant to be read again and again. Like the sea breeze and gentle fluttering of lives, it makes one heart happy and makes our worried disappear. Next time, we need 100 poems:)

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