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Anusual review: Anu Aggarwal writing is tantalizing and sensual

Book Review: Anusual-Memoir of a Girl Who Came Back from the Dead

Author: Anu Aggarwal

Genre: Memoir

Rating: Three and a half

Released by: Harper Collins Publishers India


On the menu Bombay, glitz, modelling on the international circuit, tantric yoga and exploring with sex. It makes for a tantalizing view from an insider’s perspective offering juicy details in the world of films and experimenting with tragedy, elevation to a higher path, sexual spirituality when you are the mysterious Anu Aggarwal.

Who doesn’t remember her? A pretty girl with oodles of sensuality in her prime and who sashayed in the film industry with the blockbuster and musical hit Aashiqui produced and directed by Mahesh Bhatt. While her hero, Rahul Roy sunk into oblivion, Anu had a pretty half-baked career with modelling on the international circuit and doing bits of role in movies like King Uncle, Gazab Tamassa and the much acclaimed The Cloud Door as well as Thiruda Thiruda. Let’s sit and decode the mystery Anusual tale.


Anusual is the story of Anu Aggarwal, the dusky Delhi girl who went to Bombay and became an international model and then a star with her very first Bollywood movie, Aashiqui, only to chuck it all up and join a yogashram. Coming back to Bombay, she was involved in a horrifying car crash that put her in a coma for twenty nine days. Miraculously, the girl who broke into a million pieces recovered, and put the pieces of her life back together, first taking sanyas and then returning to Bombay to teach yoga.

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Anusual girl, Anu Aggarwal has a hypnotic style and her choice of words hooks you in an almost tantric sway to showcase her spirited and daring side.  She makes you time travel to the Bombay of the 90s in a unique and fascinating language that makes her dare-and-bare persona comes alive in a sparkling manner. Not one to be shy about exploring her bare sensuality and sexuality, she breaks free from the shackles of society read glamour by exploring her spiritual side that makes it a compelling read.

The wheel is turned back to Bombay that sets the narrative in a lyrical and romantic tone that is reminiscent of the classic song, ‘Ae dil hai Mushkil hai jeena yahan Zara hatke..yeh hai Bombay Meri Jaan. ”

Photographs in the book
Photographs in the book

The Delhite fresh in Bombay expresses: “During the day, I walked around Lion Gate, check out the Bombay Stock Exchange, marveled at the lush green old trees, saw happy slum kids on the street playing ball. The Bombay suburban railway, with its more than seven million commuters each day, was fun. I felt a part of the bustling crowd, eager to strike a balance between desire and survival. I drove by the adorable Queen’s Necklace on Marine Drive; I could see the midnight blue heads of the queen decorated with glittering stars, her wearing the necklace of little bulbous drops, magical.”

“Kiss those red luscious lips. Press my chest against those rounded breasts, scratch her with nails Kamasutra style,” so much for the foreplay expressed in acting of course to her reference of Erotica. Anu doesn’t stop here, “I prefer the erotic. Sensuality in sexuality. Not just sexuality in sensuality.”

She merges yoga, which is she is passionately vocal about with intimacy and where she effortlessly puts the whim of desire at the vortex of ‘Sex isn’t a need. At best, it’s a seasonal desire’. A swami smote by her raw sexuality in the abode of Vipassana the forbidden zone where they made love in an unabashed and free manner. Sounds exciting and juicy?!

Anu in all her elements and taking a nap during a shoot (right)
Anu in all her elements and taking a nap during a shoot (right)

“Eyes closed, head thrown back, lips unfurling to heaven with my heart in my mouth. I stood tall, together and light…All through the performance of the sexual act, not new to me, his yogic body never tensed.”

What’s Not!

Anusual starts on a high note where it hooks the readers, holding them in an almost trance like situation where her personality comes alive. However, there are some chapters in her life which are a disappointing where promises made on the ‘revealing’ part on the film industry is a mere ‘blink-and-eye’.  The book takes a long and tedious time to reach the episode where she met with an accident and beyond the pipes and medical gyaan, it lacks detailing in showcasing her recovery-no doubt amazing and nothing short of a human miracle. It’s too abstract and leaves readers starving for more.

Final Words:

It would be unfair to call Anusual a dishonest attempt since she explores herself in an honest manner where she takes us to her bold journey, from stardom, sexuality, yoga and lovers. For sure, an odd 182-page-book is largely insufficient to bare it all and tell her full story! Not a bad attempt. Anusual makes for an interesting read.

Click on Amazon to grab your copy.

Post script: This is not a commissioned review. The reviewer bears no contact whatsoever with the celebrity-author, Anu Aggarwal.




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18 thoughts on “Anusual review: Anu Aggarwal writing is tantalizing and sensual

  1. The book sounds interesting. Although i was never impressed by her acting prowess, but her life seems to be inspiring. But this is no inspirational/motivational book, right?! That’s what I gather from the review…but it is a journey through various phases of life of a celebrity. Hmm. Would pick it up for a quick read. Thanks for the review.

    1. Me too, never been impressed acting wise and she just disappeared. Apparently, she made it big on the international circuit only to leave everything. It’s a journey than anything else and not inspirational book..not at all. Do that and write the review. I wanna read it:)

  2. A very balanced review Vishal…I’m not sure I want to pick up the book, but yea I still remember her raw appeal in Aashiqui.

    1. Thanks for dropping. I’d still say that it’s a beautiful book and go for it. I loved her loads during her Aashiqui days and she was a very uniquely pretty girl in those days.

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