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Fiction: Sex on High Altitude

The sun crept early in the morning but blurred by the dense fog in the capital city. Early birds reached the 15 storeyed building to swipe their cards only to scamper outside for a smoke and cutting chai in this winter to warm themselves. The tiny fellow who regularly brings tea in glasses smiles at the horde of employees that trust him and looks around the vicinity for customers, in his trademark voice, “Chai, chai, cutting, cutting.”  Life has  started at 8 a.m.

Sonia is dressed in a black corporate suit, wearing a crisp white shirt and long trousers, sits nervously in the armchair facing the table and fidgeting with her blackberry. She is abhorring the meeting, along with Siddharth sitting by her side, facing the empty table. They are avoiding each other’s glance. He folds his arms pressing on his chest and tries to put a brave face. She places her hands on the glass table, measuring the length of her palm on the surface.

The inquiry committee members reach the boardroom like a spit of fire and looked straight in the eyes of Sonia and Siddharth, with a cheerful but plain good morning. The CEO, Anita Singh, turns to the panel members, James Witt and Rajveer Shah, checking the files. “Should we start?” the American fellow blandly asks. Sonia and Siddharth nod. They sit straight.

Sonia is shaken and her knee is trembling. She presses the legs of Siddarth with all the might of her stilettos so that it would hurt him the most. He sustains the pain his tooth pressing on his tongue and tries not to move, sitting like a statue.

“So! Miss Sonia and Siddharth. You must be aware that the media are having a ball with the news. Both of you are lucky that your names have not been leaked. Believers?” Anita Singh asks.

Sonia spoke with great difficulty in a high pitched voice designed to mask her emasculated body and fraying nerves, “Beg your pardon, Ma’am.”

Rajveer Shah remarks, “Lower the town of your voice. Mrs Singh means God fearing.” Sonia is flustered and eyes her palm sitting rather uncomfortably on the glass table,”Yes! Of c-o-u-r-se,” she mutters.

Anita Singh consults her wrist watch, “Both of you have 30 minutes to convince us before the case is referred to the senior panel. I understand that you don’t want to be fired Miss Sonia and hoping your promotion as Executive Board Director in our New York office is not compromised Mr Siddharth.

Siddharth takes a pause and speaks in a calm voice, “I am officially on holiday. It was not done on duty, Mrs Singh.”

“Well! Thank your stars and pray that both your names don’t come in the open for if we are maligned, you are screwed for life. And, Mr Siddharth, time is precious and cut the crap. I want the story with all the juicy details. It’s another thing that I am shuddering right now imagining the whole scenario but business is business,” Anita Singh placates him.



It was past midnight when the crew welcomed all passengers aboard the flight to New York. The head air hostess, Sonia, was dressed in the airlines’ trademark green blazer on top of her neat white blouse and short skirt below her knee welcoming the passengers by folding her hands.

The plane rattles off the ground when a fellow in his 30s pressed the button to order a whisky. He wore a pair of Gabanna white tee on blue denim blue denim on sneakers. “Sorry Sir, I can’t serve you right now. We are entering the turbulent zone,” Sonia gently said. He winked at her, “Hi, I am Siddharth. How can you walk in the plane during turbulence? Careful my love, you will land on my lap.”

Sonia grinned. The plane jerked. She stumbled on him and fell on his lap. “Ouch,” he  playfully said. It hurts.” She concealed her smile and moved to the opposite seat, removing his bag and thrusting it on his leg. “Here, you are Sir. Sorry to land on you,” she clumsily said. Sonia was shaken and couldn’t stop feeling that the dude is attractive and sexy. She thought, “Only, if I was not duty!…How I wish!”

Siddharth seemed to read her mind, “May I know what a hot woman like you is thinking right now. Certainly, you are not thinking of taking me for hire once we land in New York. Long flights are boring, yaa. How! I wish I had company. Seems the Gods are listening to me.”

She thought for a while: “Oh! flirting. Is he some fortune teller or what? First warning me not to fall into his lap and I eventually did! Now, wanna have a scene in New York. “Are you hurt,” she pulled her devil smile.

“My heart is broken…a beautiful air hostess has stolen my heart. You know I always have a fetish for air hostesses…”

Sonia turned her face away. “Feeling shy. You are very modest, running away from compliments. You look like a bride decked in green. How I wish it was red,” he flirted.

He checked his purse and removed his visiting card. Sonia almost fainted. “What the fuck? So, you are familiar with this airline. It means we are colleagues. Captain !! What are you doing in New York and how come I never saw you?”

Siddharth teased her, “You know, when I am bored to death, I hop on the plane to spend time with an angel like you. Opposites converge.” She laughed sarcastically. Hey, he asked, ‘how about making a mojito to spend the night…after all, we are all love birds.’

“Are we?” Sonia laughed. “We should never let the moment slip or else you may turn into an agony uncle cursing your manhood.” She leaned on his shoulder and gently kissed him on the lip. “I am going to the loo. Mind you fixing the tap?” she seductive walked away.

The passengers and crew were in deep slumber. They walked without making a noise and pushed the door. “So, Mr Siddharth would you imagine such a tragic scene that only happens in horror movies. I’d like to think you are intelligent and have come with ammunition,” she unbuttoned her blazer and untied his belt.

Siddharth run the palm of his hand on Sonia’s belly and pushes his finger under her bra, caressing her breast. She exhaled, scratching his bare shoulders and biting him like a starved tigress. “Oh! the tigress on the prowl today, ” he looked into her eyes. She slapped him, “Shut up! Else, I’ll eat you raw. They smacked each other’s lips. She reclined on the toilet seat, pulling down his zipper. “Hurry boy,” she made a face. “We are up in the air at high altitude. It’s death defying gravity that you can narrate to your grandchildren on your deathbed.” He almost stumbled and pulled his underwear.” They were inside each other. She moaned. He felt like a parachute on air.

The door of the loo was suddenly wide open and someone must have woken up in the night to get relief.There was a loud cry of despair, “Oh!! My lord!! What’s happening in this fucked up plane?” It shook the entire aircraft with people scampering in different directions. Someone must have thought terrorists entered the plane. The cabin crew hurried towards the loo to see one of their colleague naked and almost fainted.

As the plane landed at JFK, New York, two cops entered and asked for Siddharth and Sonia. “Sorry, Sir and Madame. Your local office has given us strong instructions not to let both of you enter United States. Sonia looked at their colleagues who bow their heads down. The lady officer looked at Sonia, “Both of you will be taking the plane back home.”


Anita Singh sat like a statue while her two associates breathe, smiling mockingly at the two culprits. She spoke briefly, “It’s the most unbecoming behavior in our airline company that will jeopardize our reputation on the market. Both of you are our valued employers and the company is shocked at such unethical behavior. For sure, both of you will face the music. The committee will submit a report to the panel who will take actions. Please sign on the documents.”

Siddharth signed without blinking and passed the pen to Sonia. Her hand was shaking and looking towards the ceiling, wondering on her fate. She took a while before slowly signing on the papers. She broke into tears and Siddharth didn’t have the heart to touch her, knowing that her career as an air hostess is compromised. He has already made up his mind to resign from his position.

Note: I’ve read in the paper five years back about a two members of the cabin crew who were suspended after having sex inside the plane. The characters’ names are fictitious and the entire story is imaginative. The situations have entirely been made out. Looking for feedback, as usual.










Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

16 thoughts on “Fiction: Sex on High Altitude

  1. I agree with the above comments. The story idea and title are intriguing, and some scenes are really good, but the writing could use some tightening and substance to flow better.

    1. Thanks so much, Nibha. Someone I have faltered and looking at the honest feedback, will rework the story. Feel free to put your criticism, I am here to listen and improve:)

  2. I was hooked by the title and the narration Vish. Will add to my ‘must read in this lifetime’ list and send the name to my husband to buy it on my kindle :-p

  3. its powerful and the story line is unique.
    It does need to be tighter in the middle (like how the others have mentioned)

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