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Pointless rant

You stare blankly at the laptop screen! You gotta write something when you’ve opened the empty space on the blog to type. ABCD!! I go blank. No lazy bum, a poem won’t do today. You feel empty and gotta fill the stomach with words. Time to quench the thirst. Short story!! Let’s keep it for another day. A tale of die another day. As if, the countless blogs read is not serving enough food for fodder.

Wanna write a personal post! Scratch the greyish cells in the brain. Let’s go up close and personal. This will do and bearing the heart out at a minimalist level makes sense. Ha!! I am ranting. What happens when you reach your late 30s somehow and you are suddenly unemployed, constantly looking for a job that will pay the bills? Hey, blogging doesn’t pay a dime, at least not in my case. It hurts the most when you earn peanuts as savings!! It keeps harping into your mind that you must act fast.

You desperately ping your friends for any freelance stuff that they may know and pinning on bare minimum to ensure that you can pay your bills in a timely fashion. See! I have always been okayish when it comes to networking with contacts despite being a media professional. There are folks who are good at it and through the sheer power of networking end up landing with a couple of jobs cum assignment offers. I am bad at it, time to face the devil. Invited to a party!! It makes me happy to introduce self and try speaking to people but after some point, I go point blank. After all, for how long you’d chatter your way to people. It gets boring. I lack the gift of the garb.

At the risk of sounding like a whiner, it’s not me to go and break the ice with someone. I may do it a couple of times but I prefer it the other way round when people introduce or approach me. There is no way for me to act like a social butterfly when I am not one. I wished!! Be the gregarious one, flit comfortable in a party or networking event in a charming manner. But, that’s not me! I do maintain a safe distance at times and there are days when I wished that human interaction was buried somewhere in my otherwise boring existence. I just abhor the human interaction and would prefer speaking to myself.

Sitting and facing the laptop is quite a glamorous activity that works for me big time. It has its own perks of typing something pointless on the account that I need to blurt out some rubbish.  To be fair, I need to vent but don’t think of doing a fine job, right now. It got to be the most mediocre post. You suddenly feel creative but the end product seems to be all fucked up and messy. It could have been better narrated with the (un)happening things in my life.

Time is running out for me. At this point, I am still unsure whether I’ll participate in the A to Z blogging challenge, though I am game for it. I am yet to decide on the theme which is an irony since I am a temporarily stay at home dude, working on a start-up venture with a friend.

Guess that it! For wise folks must be mulling that a worthless blog post shouldn’t be long for they will put people to bed. Better finish the book for there are plenty of them lining up for review rather than expanding lengthily on this plain and dull post.







Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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