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Clipped Wings.

Darkness revealed.

Jailed mind.

Illusion of the defeatist.

Conquer fears.

Get up.

Brush up dirt thrown on the face.

Unfetter the chains.

Hum the song of life.

It’s called freedom.

Free the soul.

Embrace the light flowing.

Be the sparkle.

Seek clarity.

Walk the tight rope.

Embrace change.

Beat the path made of thorns.

Be a seeker.

Explore the soul.

Fly high above the mundane.

Test your weaknesses.

Stroke the heart.

Love with passion.

Jump in the frozen water.

Close your eyes,

stand on the cliff.

Flirt with freedom.








Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

16 thoughts on “Freedom

      1. No harm in coming up with a booklet, however I would suggest that first you join some groups and seek critical comments on your poetry. That will give you a better idea of what to include in the booklet. I didn’t know of poetry groups before so I didn’t , but have made substantial changes on the overall positioning since I published my book, based on the feedback I have received. Btw you may have recently received a mail from Amazon with the information about update and asking you to sync for the recent version.

  1. To be honest dear Poet, I can’t catch the posts as before… Sometimes I miss so many beautiful things. So sorry for this. In this poem, especially the last lines,

    “Close your eyes,

    stand on the cliff.

    Flirt with freedom”

    impressed me so much… and also an image appeared in my mind. Philosophically impressed me second time… Many years ago I was watching a documentary film, and it was about the Himalayas… the man (speaker and the adventurer coming from the west) and the native guide (probably Tibetan) were trekking in the monk paths of the Himalayas… Narrow paths, turning around the rocky mountains, one side rocks and the other side is cliff… Then the guide stopped for a break and sat at the edge of the path with cross legs…. The man was surprised because it was a very dangerous position… The guide said that with his close eyes, “in times you learn mountain, and you also learn yourself too, so even with my close eyes I know how safe to sit in here…”

    and now you added something too, “Freedom”… How impressed me…
    Thank you, Blessing and Happiness,
    Love, nia

    1. Oh!! Don’t worry, the blog not running away anytime soon. Sounds interesting the documentary film and would love to watch it. We, humans, are wary to tread the dangerous path and we can never grow by sitting in our comfort zone. It takes freedom away from us.

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