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Letter to the self

Respected Self!!

You ain’t hallucinating! Staying awake in the middle of the night when you gotta hit the sack. Over thinker! You need to stop at some point. The busiest bees stop for a while and the head cuddle under the pillow. Too much load on your tiny head. It needs a rest. Stop ranting on the fuck-ups flung by life. I know, I know!! You are very imaginative, inventing stories that are lost in translation. Execution is at a minimum and abysmal low.

Too much on your platter, right. What happened to all the dreams and shouting on the roof top that you will nail it in a year or two? Still, nothing happens for you!  That’s the problem with intelligent people like you for whom tomorrow never comes. A bad habit that you cannot break and it just blows your mind by cursing the self with the classic, ‘Ah! Had I known?’ You plan so many things in a day but you end up doing nothing. There is no point in cursing if you cannot attain one aim at a time. Haven’t you heard of the rule one by one? What! It’s still an alien concept after trying so much.

Distracted mind that keeps hovering from one thought to the other. Days, months and years showed remarkable signs of being static. You should have known it better than anyone that you need to get a good kick in your ass. Lazy bum. Stop behaving like Super Man with the hope that you will do ten things in a day competently when the result is half-baked stuffs. Certainly, you’ll swear if you are handed a half-baked cake to munch and spill your tea on the floor. Planning! Planning dude solve half of the problem. Battle the sleepy eyes, invest in self first and hit the cudgel. It seems too good to be true, na. The forever optimist soul that you are promise that you’ll stand tall and resist everything not happening. How do you crumble towards in the end? Cigarettes is a blatant example of successful failure.

Gamut of contradictions! You call yourself, Work in Progress. At some point, you can be..uber talkative and the next, you go on silent mode turning into an anti social entity over night. What guts? You give a wrong impression of self to the world. Stop pretending to be that arrogant with words..okay! You are lil bit arrogant but not that extreme. Will you stop dreaming of being a celebrity? You know it won’t happen, right. Can you be a bit more fucking assertive? That’s the least you can do. Going on silent mode will not help your cause, you know it better than I do. It again trickles down to a wrong impression of who you are in life. Be real!! Stop being conscious of what you do and don’t bother about the world. They have lot more to hide than you do. Don’t give a fuck of the fuckers. When the fuck you gonna ever learn!!

A kid in a grown up body. Maturity is not, after all, such a big and shit scary word for you. After all, better be a child keen to explore everything rather than being a pathetic adult. I am with you on that!! What’s the point of growing up? Hey, isn’t it high time to explore life, travel to places and stay somewhere that makes you happy for that life is not really yours. Hold on, anyway!! The next big thing is hiding somewhere and dig deep in the mud for the pot of gold is waiting to be lifted by your hands.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

4 thoughts on “Letter to the self

  1. Planning does help but over planning is also a waste. . I have found that usually the best laid plans don’t work.. I have reached a age where I think I should do what ever I want to as no one knows If I will see the sunrise tomorrow. .

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