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Tulsi Virani 2.0

Mother India is back!! Our revered Mother stormed TV channels to make her voice smash through the rooftop of all news channels that she almost gave complex to Rohit Shetty. After all, what’s the point of raking a fortune on exploding cars when apna new, beta version of Mother India aka Tulsi 2.0 can smash every engine living or non-living through her sheer emotional power? No glycerine needed ek dum original this one is.

Itne saare emotion! Whatta performance!! Heard that apna beta version of Tulsi Virani is already giving complex to the Oscars wale. Leonardo is already toying with the idea to rope her in as his aunty in the next venture, for a double whammy at the Oscar. Her alter ego, Ekta Kapoor christened her Tulsi Virani for the Saas been a Bahu, right. Now, Ekta is already getting second idea on the great comeback of Tulsi Virani that will make her raise the moolah on the soap opera market that she doesn’t need to hire writers to script emotional and tragic outburst. From Tulsi Virani to Smriti Irani and again Tulsi Virani. There was Tulsi Virani, there is Tulsi Virani and there will always be Tulsi Virani. Whatta homecoming. Come and beat that!!!

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Maa Kasam! Apna Minister was an abhinetri in some life time..issi life mein and found her true calling in Parliament. What an education in acting! After all, she is the HRD Minister. Jai Shri Krishna. Ekta must be pondering to whom Tulsi will bow and mutter Jai Shri Krishna in full passion. Of course, our Thakur NaMo is always willing to grace the great comeback of Tulsi Virani. Now, we need a villain in this stormy act of Tulsi to make it the clash of the titans. Heard Mayawati aka Behenji is kicked with the idea of playing Payal. Who needs Mihir when the Tulsi Virani-Payal combo can explode our idiot box to raise TRP? We’ve seen it last time in Parliament. It will be the Maa of all soap operas, playing live on all TV channels. Now, Ekta can save her money and stall Kya Kool Hai Hum 4 for apna Smriti-Ji, no Tulsi Virani has already made her grand comeback in style, fashion and giving audience a high emotional dose.

Our TV set can never be the same without Tulsi Virani, high pitch and blaring loud enough to make Yo! Yo! Honey Singh run away. She is the savior of the nation going ballistic, oops sorry nationalistic. What an act!! Forget classics like Mother India, Sholay or DDLJ for the return of Hazaar Chaurasi Ki Maa, aka, Tulsi Virani beta version is making them fade in comparison. Heard makers like Sooraj Barjatya and Karan Johar have already decided to go on retirement mode or better cast Tulsi Virani in their next directorial ventures for this one needs no script, story or screenplay. What showed on TV last time was a trailer. Picture abhi Baaki hai mere dost!


Our Tulsi Virani is so national that folks have already booked their show and started humming Kyon Ki Neta bhi Abhinetri thi. The Bhakts are queuing up for Ashirwaad from the new Mother India, hellbent to save the desh from Drohi. The purrfect box office ingredient ensuring bumper opening worth 500 crores plus. The awards walla are already thinking of putting a new category, The Tulsi Virani Award for drama, entertainment and comedy. Now, who will vie for the awards? Start practicing the art of humming our dear stars and get set the take home the most coveted award that will adorn your shelf for Tulsi 2.0 is back with a bang.

Hold your breath folks! To get the Tulsi Virani Award for acting, you gotta be a self-declared Yale Alumni and learn your lines and deliver flawlessly in style…Kyon Ki Main Jhooth Bolta Hoon so that it makes Liar Liar Jim Carrey looks stunningly pathetic. You gotta learn the art of making doctored video..Jai Mahisura to be repeated 10 times in your monologue.

When Tulsi Virani speaks her Maun Ki Baat, the whole world go silent.  She is so inspirational that cutting her head and placing on the charan of Payal aka Behenji will fetch her the Telly Awards for dramatic acting. Guess, Arnub of the Goswami is studying Tulsi Virani’s superb acting skills to decide when to confer her with the Best actor award for dramebazzi. As for TV lovers, they just can’t wait for the Bahu to make her grand comeback as Tulsi Virani 2.0 for another 100+ episodes. It’s already live and lap the most outstanding performance of the year. Sorry Deepika, don’t even try for 2016 clearly belongs to this beta Tulsi Virani for Kyon Ki Saas Bhi Bahu Thi 2.0 playing live on all major news channels.





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