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Dissent, freedom and democracy

What makes a stalwart nation a beacon of democracy?

Freedom, right, respect and various religious groups shining together.

Rule of law and dissent should co-exist side by side.

Ideas for change in a plural society flows in college & university campus.

Dreams for a better society!

Challenge the status quo and established rules.

It serves as no purpose to trample individual and freedom rights.

Slapping sedition laws and branding fresh minds as anti-national,

serves as an anti dote for unhealthy relationship among the ruler and subjects.

Misuse of archaic laws by power is the domain of the weak.

Aided by extremist outfits using violence to make the flesh bleed,

can never kill souls and minds capable of change.

A dream for a better and equal society,

where young minds blossom is the hall-mark of a young and vibrant democracy.

Using repressive forces and violence,

will never help their cause.

Pack of lies will never crush freedom and the ultimate truth.

Universities across the globe are the harbinger of hope, dream, change and revolution.

Labeling inquisitive minds as anti-nationals is a dangerous path to tread.

Framing innocents to languish in jail and building false cases is a blot on democracy.

Playing with institutions is a dangerous dice rolling!

It shall turn against you,

for you can never know when the tide will turn.

Perhaps. we need a second freedom,

something our ancestors toiled hard for.

The road for freedom was never easy.

It’s a long route.

Youth and free thinkers believe in pitching for change through peace.

Violence is never the weapon of intellectuals.

Muzzling of thought and voices will only send us in a dark pitch.

You may use force against clear voices but it will only get louder.

It’s a mass movement to be heard in every corner of the world.

Hail the change.

Say no to fascism.

In freedom we believe.










Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

10 thoughts on “Dissent, freedom and democracy

    1. It’s crazy what’s happening right now with the muzzling of voices. We’ve earned our freedom to make the nation secular. I know, I’ll be branded as a sickular but who cares!!! The country cannot be jeopardized by extremist groups!!

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