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Love destination

Listen with the ears of tolerance! See through the eyes of compassion! Speak with the language of love! ~ Rumi

This post is written on the above prompt as part of ‘The Language of Love #Pledge2BeKind – A Contest’ hosted by Corinne on everydayGyaan. Since I already participated in the contest two years back, I am not listing my entry but here a second take. People do participate since you still have hours left and add your link.


“Love…I’ve loved with all my heart and lost my head!!! I don’t think I can ever love again. I hate the word love,” she lashed out to her new friend. The 73-year-old seer looks at her with compassion and his face turns grave. He held the hand of the young girl, “My dear. Love is not about possessing someone or be attached physically or emotionally. Love should not carry a burden that tears your soul. Or else, it’s never love in the first place. Heard about something called free love?”

She is confused, “Free love?”

He smiles, “If one true loves someone, set them free from all bondage and shackle. Let them soar and explore the self. True, love can heal or hurt you. It can damage your pride, ego or self-esteem. We all fear rejection because we are humans. The pain of falling in love and losing, can make us wretched for life. You have truly loved. Don’t ever think that it was a mistake or that you could have done things differently. The pain of losing will define you in the future and it’s a blessing that you loved him. Such experience made you who you are. Today, you are cursing. But, tomorrow, you will feel the joy of this emotion called pain.”

Both of them closed their eyes to feel the flow of fresh air wafting by the river side and the windy breeze. The seer slowly opens his eyes, “My dear. How are you feeling? Isn’t it beautiful to be surrounded by nature?”

She feels refreshed, “It’s so beautiful sitting with you at this place. It’ soothing. I’ve never felt like it since we broke up. Oh!! Gosh!! I feel love is all round. It’s rejuvenating.”

The wise man looks around, “See, you have uttered the word love. It doesn’t have to be physical. Nature is love. Beautiful trees, the sky, mountains and flowing river. We are so bound by the flesh that we over look the pristine beauty that showers us with love. It’s pure and unadulterated. Kindness and tolerance are virtues. Do you know why? It’s simple for it speaks the language of love. Unexplained forces take us to the destination of love only if we allow it. Be one with the essence of life and nature.”

She is swept by an unexplained force and suddenly feels no hatred for the one who ditched her. She cherishes the moments spent with the man who was a traveler in her life and is grateful. It was time to cultivate in her mind that excess baggage must be emptied like load shedding and open her eyes to love, kindness and compassion. She breathes in to de-clutter the mind and let fresh air enter her nostril. She exhales to let the air out. Feeling empty but alive, she treasures this moment. As she looks around, her friend has disappeared leaving behind a letter, Love is what see from the outside and inside. I shall be gone forever but you will keep the power of compassion, love and tolerance inside your mind and make a difference to the world. Think about me with a clean heart, I shall visit you but you shall not see me. Love with all your heart. I shall be happy.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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