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V Day special: Love and romance memory

It was the season for calf love, the yore days of hand written letters to express our feelings to the stranger we stumbled at the bus stop or traffic signal. Valentine Day, after all, is the celebration of love and romance. After all, what better time to reveal what lies inside our hearts?!

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It was the teenage days when I saw her at the bus stop and after admiring her for days, I had a plan in mind. It was the 90s where Facebook or whatsapp was still in the embryo. There was no way I could add her on my list. Probably, in my heart. Bought a not-so-cheap perfumed wrapped and slink inside the bag. I waited for her. My heart grew dhak dhak with excitement. Finally, she stepped out of the school bus and waited..The time was Now to hit. After all, the iron is hot. I muttered her name with wobbled emotions and fright after all someone might see us on the busy street. I proposed. It was lame. I offered her the perfume. She refused with smile but a straight NO. The teenager in me got rejected. I was disappointed, swearing that I will never like someone for the fear of being rejected and the fact that she is the only one.

College days are the bestest of life. Trust me, we guys have a dilemna when we are spoilt with choice when it comes with so many beautiful girls swarming past the college gate. It was when I saw her. The first college crush. She was doing modelling and quite a hit among guys in the first year. I would wait at the main circle or what was referred to as ‘College Katta,’ early morning before 7 for the first lecture started at that time. I waited and waited. She walked past me and whispered a Hi, displaying her sensuous smile and walked away. I couldn’t strike a conversation. The heart yelled, “Go and speak to her..Tera kuch Nahin Hoga.’ Now, I ain’t telling what happen. May be, she was too hot to handle! No! I didn’t gave her a rose.

Rose Day happened in December and bought a couple of roses for the love interests. She was missing in college but there was no dearth of opportunities in offering roses to prospective matches. Luckily, found one. The class mate. Something happened between us. It brewed for not too long. The flirting game, compliments and mushing on how beautiful she is. Her smile and face made me go dhak dhak. I longed for her and she came looking for me, upset that I didn’t watch her dance performance during Oorja, the biggest college festival. Then, one day she disappeared. So much for love. Nah!! I didn’t go the SRK way, in following her trail from Pune or Rajasthan or else we could be singing the duet, Tujhe Dekha to yeh Jaana Sanam. Life is too real to go reel.

Another day, another tale of love. I proposed in a rather stupid way on sms..1,4, 3. She responded with a well! It’s a stupid game we used to play in school. She was seeing someone but we became the best of friends. We hanged out together for a year, me with the hope that something will happen at some point in life. I adored her. It never happened. But, but! It was priceless memories spent with her in college, us taking pictures together and doing the dancing. Adorable moments and priceless memories. The joy of falling in love amidst hope, anticipations and kindling romance.

Then, a relationship happened when I shifted to Mumbai. It was love and it did happen like the magic like the old mushy romance in film tales. We were together, watching movies, eating pop corns before it fizzled for relationships do reach an expiry date. Never say no to love and romance. Keep the faith.

Belated Valentine Day and believe in love



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26 thoughts on “V Day special: Love and romance memory

      1. No no I am sure i have always said love is beautiful and also Lucky are the ones who find love toooo ..

        nothing to wink matey he he he he had a 14 hour shift on Sunday so valetine was spent working πŸ™‚

      2. THat is true.. I dont beleive in love after my experience BUt Love is beautiful πŸ™‚

        yeah you can scratch your head at what AM I SAYING πŸ™‚

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