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Fiction: The divine rose

The rose petals was scattered and stuck like glue on the wet and deserted street road in the form of a heart, that witnessed whiplash of storms and heavy shower. The sporadic cloud outburst in the city gave a dark shade where night crept in closer to make the sun fade away.

Mashumi stood alone on the deserted street and the glintering of the heart-shaped rose lit her face up. She pulled one stick from the Marlboro packet and took a deep drag as her eyes fixed at the sky and dark cloud. It sent flash pan of memory alive. It rained heavily that day when out of the blue the stranger surprised her with red rose that sent her heart tizzy with excitement. In a hurry, she had to leave as her car abruptly stopped in front of the street. The stranger longed for her and his eyes ran deep into the sea of her soul. She looked back but saw a disappointed lover, whose hope was dashed as her car swerved far away from his steps.

Image credit: Google
Image credit: Google

She felt that something was amiss in her life. Her soul was taken away by the man who confidently handed her the red rose with large, wry smile on his face. Mashumi wondered where on earth she would find him. After all, he is a stranger. A part of her soul has been left on the same street she now stands and perhaps, is in the dream of the stranger. Is he thinking about me?, she jettisoned at the prospect.

It started raining all over at the same street she stood again. Her red skirt flew with the wind and her long, athletic legs became numb. She felt that someone was behind her. She turned around and it was him. She suddenly felt weak in her knees and wanted to run away but an unknown force stopped her. He gently caressed her hair and inched closer to her waist, admiring her legs. He smiled and looked passionately into her eyes. Oh! Gosh!! The same passion and his killer smile, naughtily gazing at me, she shyly nodded her head down. She was possessed by his captivating but easy demeanor.

Letting herself loose, she held him tightly and let the stroke of his finger touch her lip, stroking her breast and his hand gently running down on her leg. They were caught in a tight embrace, smooching passionately and biting into each other’s neck and ears. It was the fruit of passion. The heart shaped rose suddenly became alive on the deserted street, obviously liberated by the rain and flew in different directions. They breathed heavily. It was their first engagement anniversary.

As they sat on the parahet, unlocking the button of each other’s shirt, Mashumi asked, “How did you know that night that I’d be there! I really want to know what happened to the rose. I didn’t even know your name when we met again. You are such a prick, shamelessly kissing me on the cheek and holding me by the waist.” Akash gave an amusing smile. “Should I tell! It was the same rose that you left when you walked towards your car.  I threw it on the street in a fit of anger. Never know, that the rose would divinely take the shape of a heart.”

They walked hand-in-hand, amused thinking that they made love on the same street during the heavy splash of rain, without the fear of anyone and unfazed that someone would sneer them. They didn’t care an ounce for the world for they knew that destiny united them. It was the divine rose, spraying perfume of love, romance and intense passion. They rekindled their love for each other and created romance on the street to celebrate one year of togetherness. Mashumi and Akash made a sacred promise that every year they will celebrate love in a new place, pretending they are meeting each other for the first time in the most unique and intimate way.

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