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Mystery of life and death

What do we make of life? It’s a never-ending mystery that we shall never be able to understand as we try to dig deeper when things happen that way to us and our loved ones. As human beings, we are confined to our comfort zone and live in an oyster of sort. It’s quite a selfish way to live comfortably where we wouldn’t feel the pain of others going through some sort of ordeal or the very fact of losing someone. I mean, there is very little that we can do, except being sympathetic or emphatic. Till, it happens to us.

The pain, hurt or angst of losing someone close to us. Trust me, it gets very painful to cope with unexpected death of someone, whom we love and as we look at the picture of the person, smiling and happy, we just can’t accept the fact that he is gone for good. It comes a shock to our soul when two weeks back, the person was alive, vibrant and kicking. Or, when we last met the person whom we held in high regard for his achievements and turning the tide. We are in awe and the time we meet, we wouldn’t think that perhaps the next day, the person would be no more.

Life and death are mystery that we shall never be able to understand. It’s not in our faculty to do that. Death is a very painful and a hard fact to accept in life. It can tear the heart and soul part. It’s such a painful change and if we are not properly equipped, it not only turn our world upside down but drains us physically and emotionally. Do we sit and ponder about such things? I bet most of us don’t. Honestly, I’ve never done this. We tend to take our loved ones for granted and then one day, we realize that they are no more. What remains with us are memories and their voices that keep ringing in our ears. Perhaps, they send a signal that they are very close to us, at a touching distance that we cannot see since we are attached emotionally and can’t see the love that they send to us. Why do they make us cry so much after they are gone?

Things like the soul lives forever or pray for them to rest in peace stop making sense altogether for we are angry with them for departing without telling and to God for being so brutal. You feel that your world has stopped and suddenly not feel like doing anything, just sitting idle and lacking in enthusiasm for you are reminded every now and then that the person is no longer here. It’s not something that many are ready to believe and accept. Again, we can’t feel the pain of the departed closest kin, like mother, siblings and better half. How painful it must be for them!!

Our equation with the person matters the most. I believe that the soul is eternal and lives forever, as a protective guardian that looks after us as well as perhaps visiting every now and then. It suddenly makes sense and at times, not at all. It shudders one, thinking that we will never be able to see the person physically or speaking to them. Time heals our wounds but it hurts when we think about it.





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8 thoughts on “Mystery of life and death

  1. That was very well written. Thank you. True, its not in our faculty to understand…I often think of life and death too..that unbearable sadness when someone passes… Trying to make the most of life , every day, every moment.. Have a good day my friend

  2. Isnt that the whole beauty of LIFE-DEATH.. we think we do but honestly no one has a clue what is going to happen .. we need to make the most or the best of what we have.. I learnt the lesson when my best friend went out for a NORMAL Sky jump that he had done hundreds of times.. and the parachute does not open..

    Life is funny and DEATH well we dont know..

    1. Life is so complex. I remember the time a young cousin died and another friend who drowned. Last week, when Bhaiya passed away, makes me realize on the futility of things. We need to make the most of life. It’s true we’ve never been there but I’d like to believe in after life.

      1. Well than my friend you should beleive in it.. one needs to beleive what THEY want to beleive in and work on that ..

        My sincere condolenses VIshal .. it is a big shock

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