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Reeling under shock: Bhaiya sudden death

Death, like life, is shrouded in mystery.

The heart knows no reason,

when you hear your loved one is no more.

Someone you regard as a father figure,

a selfless human,

who changed your life.

You owe that person a debt that you cannot pay.

May be in heaven!

The brain cannot work as you fail to comprehend why it happened.

His tall figure of walking towards,

laughing, joking and chiding you for silly mistakes,

It’s hard to come to terms with this grim reality.

You curse everyone,

the advanced medical facilities that failed to save him,

destiny and God!

Till we meet again.

Dear friends,

Bhaiya (elder cousin) passed away today. I was shell shocked on hearing his sudden demise. I couldn’t comprehend what was happening and faith is visibly shaken. I grew up in front of him and he has always been so proud. Remember last time, I met Sudhir Bhaiya he proudly showed his wife articles I wrote in the magazine, saying ‘See Vishal’s name.’ There are so many memories associated with Bhaiya. It’s a terrible Monday and perhaps, the worse day in my life this year. Always ready to give and selfless, he made differences in the lives of people. When Dad passed away, Bhaiya funded the final year of my Master’s degree I was reading in Mumbai. In today’s times, people don’t do it for their own siblings. I can never repay this gratitude. You see someone that nothing wrong can ever happen to them for they are always brave and gives you the confidence, the next day they are gone. I cannot fathom this situation, so far from reality for you know when things are bad, be it a health ailment, you go to him-He is an eminent Doctor in London-he gives you the confidence that makes every single worry disappear out of thin air. I will write about him for I have lots to tell, some day, on the blog.

Pray for his soul people and may he rest in peace in his new journey. Your wishes needed for the family.







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20 thoughts on “Reeling under shock: Bhaiya sudden death

  1. My condolences Vishal. It takes a long time to comprehend that you hav lost someone. Losing someone dear is terrible but life goes on. Have faith in God. May God provide courage to you and your family. I pray that his soul rest in peace.

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