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Filmfare Awards & Me

The Filmfare Awards came and went last week but I missed the action for the simple reason that there are too much of them. Name the various awards show, you get them. I feel the uniqueness and inherent charm is missing. Going back in time when Filmfare Awards was the stuff dreams were made of. Read on why I loved the Filmfare Awards that was!!

AB Filmfare Black

It was a worldly affair. Gud ole romance turning into heavenly bliss. The days of yore as we would anxiously wait for days to watch the Filmfare Awards, nestled with the family on the old black-and-white TV set. It gave me goose bumps and was dying every second with excitement to watch our stars perform and receiving awards. It was the days much before Satellite TV entered our lives.

The Filmfare Awards was a grand and unique affair for there was only one award, moviegoers looked up to and unlike today, where we have lost count on the bevy of bodies awarding actors, singers and film makers. The black lady was unique in her own way and everyone wooed her for a year to cuddle her shape.

I remember how I couldn’t buckle my mind at school and chided by teachers for not concentrating on the blackboard. The culprit? Filmfare Awards that would be aired live on TV. I was terribly anxious as if the TV would break down or mysteriously disappear in the sky. And, I waited for 8 pm to watch the awards. There was no Twitter or Facebook to congratulate our stars. I was a good boy on D-Day lapping the food like a homeless kid.

It were the days when there was no superficiality and one would imagine what it would be like to touch the stars or nurturing the dream of one day standing on the podium to perform or receive an award. Dreams, no matter how ludicrous, were allowed with Filmfare Awards. There was a mystery about our stars, intriguing they were for they couldn’t be touched. A tale of Greek demi God and Godesses. Amitabh’s poise, Madhuri, Juhi Chawla or Aishwarya Rai’s ubiquitous charm. There was something about them for we couldn’t reach out to them. It gave us goose bumps. The Gods of cinema enthralling us and one could feel choked out emotions, hands shaking as they performed and bagged awards.

Kajol and Shah Rukh Khan at Filmfare Awards

It was a yearly affair and missing on them means moments of gloom and doom where our world almost crashed.  I was stunned watching the glitz and the treat of watching our stars live, popping out of the silver screen was unparalleled. Do they really look like that in real life! Can I shake the hands of Bachchan, AK, Shah Rukh, Salman or touch Madhuri, Juhi or Sridevi? What would I tell them if ever they pop out of the TV screen? It was their aura, charisma and sheer magnetism that drew us to them. Still remember Amitabh winning for Hum and he walked in his trademark, white shirt, black suit and shoes, waving to the crowd sitting at the back. The time he shared his Filmfare best actor award with Aamir and Sanjay Dutt. We were taught that humility pays and it adds charm to our favorite star. After all, why the need to do that! The young child in me failed to understand that and wondered whether he took the black lady home that night. Or, the joy of winning made him gone bonkers.

There were moments during the award night that stayed with many of us. The wardrobe malfunction when a heroine I had a solid crush one was subjected to and the screen went black as if you are being shot at gun point. I froze and emphatized with the heroine. After all, what she must be going through and scathing criticism she would be subjected to in tabloids and sensational magazines the next day. Or, the sheer disappointment of not seeing your favorite bagging the awards and you stayed put past midnight, watching with the hope of seeing them win. What a sore loser the fan boy in me became, ending up in hating the winners?!

Aishwarya filmfare 2005


My filmfare moments! There are many. AB winning the Superstar of the Millenium Award dressed in a funky colorful outfit and introduced by Manoj Bajpai, speaking in Shuddh Hindi. Moods and moments. What a great evening! As Bachchan name announced, the audience stood in reverence as the original sound track of Don was played. Manoj speaking his heart out on his hero worship for Bachchan and repeated the same in his own unique style, introducing Hema Malini as ‘Sundarta ki Devi’ for her Lifetime Achievement Award.

It was in 2000, the decade when cinema changed with moving times that somehow robbed the joy of Filmfare Award being a unique affair. Soon, there were several awards that fell like water melons or ripe mangoes from the tree. The uniqueness of Filmfare Awards was challenged. While some would say, the more the merrier, I feel the uniqueness of awards lost its sheen and charm where everything is available like hot Vada on social media like Twitter and Facebook. Some stars bagged awards just for the heck of it for gracefully performing, may be! Awards were specially conferred for good friends. It robbed the joy of waiting for one single award function that would make us revel at the stars in the sky.

The mystery of our stars were lost, somehow, a bit like the Tweets they send to us. As fans, we love our stars to be clouded in mystery and Filmfare awards of the earlier days, did the trick for us. Call me old fashioned but love my stars being out of reach in the sky and that they cannot be touched. They were extraordinary and perhaps, they still are!

How I remember that I save every single penny in the 90s  to catch all the drama of Amitabh Bachchan, SRK, Anil Kapoor, Aishwarya posing with the black lady on the cover of Filmfare. I preserved the magazines like treasure. And, today, we have everything about the great night online. I love cinema and the stars that way! No tweet or Facebook status can take that joy of old days away from the heart. It was sheer magic.

Filmfare Awards led us to discover the best host in Shah Rukh Khan and his combo with Saif Ali Khan. Hope such moments never wean with time. Seeing my favorite stars performing during those unique Filmfare Award moments secretly nurtured the dream in me to become an actor. I dreamt of performing one day at Filmfare Awards and receiving the Black lady. Filmfare Award  was the only one made dream possible, of becoming an actor and director.

Ah! Those moments of watching Madhuri performing to Dola re Dola, Aishwarya to Kajra re, Amitabh-Rani double whammy for Black and Anil Kapoor-Madhuri taking the pie for Beta. And, with comperes striving to be as funny and howlarious as much as they can. Some of them like SRK are natural while other fail miserably. The halcyon days were simple and therein lies the beauty.


Today, you name it, you get it! Awards all over the place and I am not surprised if tomorrow, there will be Twitter or Facebook Awards for films. It, somehow, takes away that magic. But, all is not lost! Filmfare Awards remain Filmfare and both fans, stars crave for it. Perhaps, Filmfare Awards need to reinvent itself to better those days when it teamed up with Manikchand for it was really the stuffs heaven are made of.







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21 thoughts on “Filmfare Awards & Me

  1. Truly said. The pic of Sridevi and AB looks so graceful. They were the real stars. U made me nostalgic. I used to buy Filmfare and stardust copies every month when i was above the age of 18. those were the days. Stars were stars then. Now I dont see a star, i see a commoner.

    1. Both are graceful in the pic. Me too, would lap those film magazines. Succinctly put, the star aura is missing and should be restored. Where are the real stars? The aura and power they wielded over the public and mystery. I love stars that way, enigmatic and beyond reach.

    1. Thanks Kebba for being here. I have a passion for film and the industry. There was a time I aspired to be a movie actor and director. Hope I can write a book one day on the film industry!

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