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#MONDAYMUSINGS: Tragic tale of draft and funny fiction

Tap! Tap!! Sounds familiar like the childhood days of scampering on a type writer in motion! After all, it was the first day of the year and dying to surprise my blog readers-cum-followers with this story. I tell myself, it gonna be bang on coz it’s a take on movies of the 70s and 80s! Funny fiction and crazy one liners to provoke a laughing riot.

I know! I know! I can do it the right way. It just need the edge and fun quotient on the tale of two lost brothers. Nopes! I am not spilling the beans. Woe betide me!! Writing 600 something words, I normally pat myself on the back. We, writers, need this ego and folks, loving the story. I was already imagining its completion and hitting the publish button to soak in my glory. Ahem! Ahem! Tale of anti-climax! Mentally fucked.

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Nah! It’s not happening, yaa! I run the risk of being labelled an unfunny asshole. My eyes furtively search for misplaced sheets and notebook in an attempt to jot situations and one liners. Mental blockage. I save the draft and move away from writing to watch Pyar ka Punchnama 2. Still, no ideas flowing. It’s nerve wracking.

Been a fortnight plus, I dunno what hit me to churn the impossible. Hell breaking loose. I cannot let this draft being lost in translation like the rebel 2000 plus story still rotting on the wordpress draft for six years. Mind you! I intend to rewrite both stories. There are days like that, I reason with the soul. Just hate it when the ideas are stuck like that. And, I think this tale of two brothers lost somewhere is a kick ass idea and has no right to be abandoned like a wretched soul by ruthless parents.

Time! Time! It’s such a bitch when every planned schedule is gone for a toss. Tomorrow never comes with writing this story and make it quirky, humorous to make readers laugh their lungs out. It’s a challenge. But, who will make the mind understand! Where art thou, ideas!! The crazy me must be hiding somewhere behind AIB Bakchod. How I envy those guys with their amazing script!

It’s one helluva tragic tale with stories dragging and dragging like that. Perhaps, I should wear my torn jeans that I promised to discard this year to get into the mood and forcefully put my cloak of craziness in a silly attempt to be funny. Where the mind is without fear, I am tempted to read the Bard’s poem again for ideas fail us when we cease to be fearless. You know what the inspiration right with the tale of two brothers? Amitabh Bachchan, Nirupa Roy, Raakhee Gulzar and Shashi Kapoor plus Mogambo Khush hua. I tell you, my life in fiction is summed up pretty much like our movies…mere do anmol ratan, ek hai pen aur ek hai lap top. Dimaag ki baati gul ho gaya.

This post, free write, is part of #MondayMusings hosted by Shalini and Corinne Rodrigues.




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28 thoughts on “#MONDAYMUSINGS: Tragic tale of draft and funny fiction

  1. Woohoo! That is something! At least you are trying to come out of the so called writer’s block or whatever! Mine is hiding in some goddamn gutter since long. Anyway, pen down some thing nice..soon!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh, I liked reading that my friend. Even a block can cause inspiration and passion. Just keep going, keep writing. This is what you know, do well and what you do:-) And well!

  3. I enjoyed this read my friend. Even with a block something good can come out of it, This is what you know, love and do. And do well! Keep going keep writing:-)

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