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Short story: Her hero

Finally, she broke into tears, sobbing like a child who lost her most precious belonging. Her world fell apart. Since that day, she became mute barely able to recover from the shock life inflicted on her. The daughter will never remain the same but slowly picked the thread and trying to fight her own battle every single day. The speech impairment she became subjected to is the result of the missing thread in her life.

Perhaps, it’s the toughest decision she made to bravely carry Papa’s coffin on her shoulders and standing up to the traditional priest where she finally lit the pyre. The daughter that doted on her Papa. She was his doll, right from the time she was born to growing up as an adult. Mom told her how Papa held the baby soaked in blood to his chest like a woman who delivered in the maternity ward. A tiny scratch on her feet would move Papa to tears and who would make the house a living hell. After all, she was his princess.

Today, the princess has recovered her voice after two years of therapy. As she walks on the street, she feels moment of pride thinking how his father stood up and laid his life for his fellow country men and women, braving terrorists who attacked the land. In her eyes, he is a real life hero, who saved thousands and his country from infiltrators. She has lost the man of her life in Pathankot but today, she beams with pride. He has always been her hero and will remain forever.

Image credit: Google India/ The image is used for representational purpose only for the story.

It was the start of the new year when she received the news that her hero is coming home and has been released from the army to spend days with the family. When the door bell rang, she has put her best Salwar Kameez but what came was coffin wrapped in the Indian tricolor flag.

She looks back with a smile. sad and proud, and stops at the juncture, standing on her feet and saluting the Indian tricolor, Jai Hind.

The story is a tribute to the sacrifice of every Indian soldier at the border, the unsung heroes who sacrifice lives for the country and leaving families and loved ones alone.  It’s high time we celebrate our heroes. A small tribute to the soldiers fighting infiltrators at Pathankhot so that their fellow Indians can live in peace.

Jai Hind




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28 thoughts on “Short story: Her hero

  1. speechless.

    my close friend’s husband was the batchmate of Col. Niranjan who was one of those killed at Pathankot and she had such tearful stories to tell, that it made me think, how we as ordinary citizens never stop to think about the families that these bravehearts leave behind trying to keep us safe.

    1. It’s very disturbing when I saw a daughter speaking on her father. I wrote a fiction as a tribute to soldiers. It’s very sad and we have read about the tough situation the jawans work.

      1. That’s why I did a short story. Sometimes, personal opinion and rant can come across as too heavy. This time, decided to tone down my controversial FB post and clean up stuffs..hehe

  2. A heart wrenching story that reflects the sacrifice of several brave young men for guarding the integrity of the nation.Nicely narrated.

    1. We must value our heroes who are often unsung and sing their praise only for a day, which is sad. I turned it into fiction after watching the testimony of a daughter on NDTV. Hope I’ve done justice in my interpretation in a fiction take.

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