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Pune memoirs (3): Spotting the Kool Kat!!

June 2003:

It’s the second day in Pune. The monsoon already started and I am super excited at the prospect of hitting the disco. The guys who showed me around took me to Scream Disco at Meridian Hotel in Sasoon, Pune on Saturday. The party has just started at the hotel. I just gape at the crowd, the cool chicks and dudes at the hot N happening party in town. After all, it’s Saturday, the day to let the hair down.

It was a day I was going to cherish forever. I moved my hips to the tune of music after some hesitation and gradually went with the flow as the DJ played my favorite song. Koi Kahe Kehta Rai from Dil Chahta Hai. I just went along with the crowd, dancing till I dropped. I was already gelling with the crowd and absolutely loving the cool party atmosphere. The best was yet to come in another two hours, something that would make the crowd go berserk with excitement.

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The beer flowed as we rushed and wrestled our way among the crowd, making a beeline at the bar, grabbing beer and vodka. Suddenly, the crowd on the dance floor went into frenetic state and they pushed their way backward. There was loud noise, cheering up as the DJ made some announcement. I wondered what it was all about since with the shouting, it became difficult to make it out. Yes! Some models would be walking the ramp. The announcement is made a third time and I could hear it with my ears. I became excited and thrilled to get a dekho of her. One of the most successful models and aspiring actors who would soon be making her debut, Katrina Kaif, would be walking the ramp.

The crowd waited for the models to grace the ramp with music playing blaringly loud and the beautiful models plodded their feet on the dance floor. Some of the girls and dudes climbed on stools to see the show stopper of the day. I tried to jump from behind to get a peek of Katrina Kaif. No success!! Tried to squeeze my way and finally spotted the Kool Kat, walking the ramp with poise and elan. Awes-struck I was by her beauty. My God! I gushed! How tall she is. Dressed in black, Katrina Kaif simply scorched the ramp and was sensational. What beautiful legs!! A leggy lass, indeed, defined oomph and hotness.

Later, she along with other models, dressed in black jeans walked to the bar to pick their bags and leather jackets. The babe was escorted by the security to the exit door. Little did I know that Ms Kaif will emerge as the biggest heroines in the film industry! It’s destiny. She happened to be at the right place and at the right time. I didn’t realize that it was my first day in Pune and the place would give me blissful time, the best of my life.

Truly Pune! I just love the city.





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4 thoughts on “Pune memoirs (3): Spotting the Kool Kat!!

    1. Just imagine it was my second day in Pune. Heard she was a big shot model, much before the release of Boom. People were crazy when she walked the ramp. I had to jump to get a peek and later saw her walking to the bar to take her black leather jacket and bag. Was lucky. Met Anupam Kher at Oxford bookshop Churchgate, saw Nandita Das at FabIndia, Bobby-Priyanka shooting atop a double decker bus at Marine Drive and Anusha Dandekar-had a huge huge crush on her- in a Pune bungalow shooting for Virudh when everyone wanted to have a dekho of John Abraham and Amitabh Bachchan

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