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Film Review: Dilwale an ode to SRK-Kajol sizzling chemistry

Film Review: Dilwale

Director: Rohit Shetty

Cast: Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan, Kriti Sanon, Vinod Khanna, Kabir Bedi, Boman Irani and Varun Sharma

Produced by: Red Chillies Entertainment

Rating: Three and a half stars

It’s King Khan teaming up with Kajol in Rohit Shetty’s mad caper and one expects power house of energy and laugh riot. Dilwale also marks the return of Kajol on the silver screen and in the mind of many, it’s her sizzling chemistry with SRK represents the film’s USP and brand value. Has Rohit Shetty been able to create the magic of DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai or Karan Arjun for that matter? Quite an unfair comparison for Rohit Shetty belongs to a different genre of cinema whose aim is to entertain in leap and bound.

My verdict: The prospect of Dilwale is boosted by the sizzling Shah Rukh Khan-Kajol chemistry who stood apart in this entertaining flick and like in all Shetty’s films, there are guns, cars and villains flying everywhere but, in the end, it does what a masala movie does best: entertain merrily. For me, Dilwale is a winner that has only one objective: Reach out to the masses and is high on entertainment package.

If there is one power couple on silver screen that sizzle, it’s Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. When Rohit Shetty brings both of them together in Dilwale, it’s a sensual cracker that makes everything fade in comparison to the terrific actors that both SRK and Kajol are. Make no mistake, Dilwale is all about high voltage fun and Rohit Shetty leaves no stone unturned to portay SRK-Kajol sizzling chemistry at its best. What a delight to watch both actors gelling in every possible frame and every time, they are together, it brings the screen alive! Together, they are sublime and sensational, winning the heart of fans cum admirers in every frame. Both SRK and Kajol add to the unlimited fun, carrying the film to escalating height to make it a winner all the way.

The scene where Kajol reveals her true self to SRK, as the don’s daughter remain the forte of the movie and is one of the most captivating scene, raising the energy to an octane level. Kudos to Rohit Shetty for pumping the adrenaline rush. The song, Gerua, reminds us of Suraj Hua Madham from Kabhie Khushi Kabhie Gham, showcasing the terrific SRK-Kajol chemistry. SRK is simply charming, charismatic and electrifying as Raj and Kaali while Kajol plays Meera to perfection and is the soul of Dilwale. Varun Dhawan stands his own ground in the presence of stalwarts and his one liners are simply terrific. He provides the laugh in his natural act while Kriti Sanon is photogenic and decent. The supporting cast is lead by Boman Irani who puts an effortless, first rate act and is heart warming to see actors like Vinod Khanna and Kabir Bedi staging a comeback.

On the flip side, one can argue that Rohit Shetty could have chosen a better script with Dilwale, bringing together after four years the couple of the decade and the writing tends to move at snail pace in parts of the movie. I bet it’s got to do with the fact that Rohit Shetty’s forte is brainless comedy but Dilwale is a blend of romance and slapstick comedy. Somehow, the two stand in conflict that makes Dilwale stumble to a certain extent. The film is also a tad too long that makes it stagnate in part. Johnny Lever humor appears to be forced on the audience and the actor has become boring, predictable and irritating nowadays.

The Ramlal-Pogo joke is simply hilarious referring to SRK-Kajol and Varun telling his brother, played by SRK, Mein aapka mang ka sindhoor bharna chata hai provokes peal of laughter. On the whole, Dilwale has a sole aim: To entertain. The movie received lots of flak but it never posed as its ambition to educate people or belongs to a different kind of cinema. It’s entertainment in its best form. The songs of Dilwale, be it Gerua, Janam Janam or Tikur Tukur are breath taking and it’s one of the best soundtracks delivered in recent times. Dilwale is a cherry on the cake for the super sizzling and palatable SRK-Kajol chemistry, Rohit Shetty’s direction and terrific one liners.



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10 thoughts on “Film Review: Dilwale an ode to SRK-Kajol sizzling chemistry

  1. Oooh brave man to write a review on the film when all of india Is wanting to banning it or boycotting it..

    I myself am going to see it sunday the 2nd I am saying so because I have had so many arguments over people saying boycott srk movie . He needs to go to Pakistan blah blah…

    Which I find atrocious. .

    1. Aren’t they adorable! I love this movie. I always said that it’s fine we don’t like someone movie, we shouldn’t run them down for they struggle a lot, the amount of hard work they put in their craft. There is a reason, they are here! I am glad our thoughts converge.

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