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Flash fiction: Last shot

The shot is ready. His earlier take was sensational and the film crew was in awe for there was no need for a retake. The actor performed the heart breaking and emotional scene without wearing glycerin. The director canned the shot and the scene was framed at one go. It was the last day of shooting. The crew ensured that the camera is in motion and the make up is applied without any glitch on the actor’s face. He submitted himself to the director’s and unit’s vision. The equipment were in place and the co-actors ready, taking position to ensure that the crew call it a day. It was already past midnight and the mansion was created to perfection in the old, high tech studio.

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The actor was getting ready in his vanity van and the film unit was waiting with bated breath for his appearance. Now, why is he taking so long?, they wondered. Star tantrum is common in the industry but it’s something he is alien to. It’s been an hour and he doesn’t show any sign of making an appearance. Some whispers made the round that the sexist Brazilian female model sneaked inside the van. Tongues are waging that he must be having a good time but making the whole unit waiting for him like is something unheard. At least, not him. After all, he is known for his professionalism in the industry.

He casually walked after three hours, pretended nothing happened and lay on the bed for the death scene. The assistant director ran in his direction, “Ready Sir?” He nodded without uttering a single word and looked like a mask. The crew gushed at his methodical acting, “Look! How he is living the role without uttering a single word!”

Roll camera, action, take two! The heroine sped towards the bed and hit him on the chest. He doesn’t bulge at all, “No! How can you leave me and go like that. How would I live without you.” The director shouted, “Cut! Perfect shot, Sir.” He doesn’t move at all. The director shouted, “Sir! Stop living the role. Wake up.” He doesn’t get up or open his eyes. It was the last shot. He slept peacefully in this last journey.



Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

20 thoughts on “Flash fiction: Last shot

  1. Aah! The Swan Song! He really was committed!

    You brought out the dedication of the real actor very beautifully, Vishal! Awesome! 🙂

  2. Such a beautiful, intense, and powerful narration Vishal 🙂 Sure to hit me hard the fact of how much I must have missed all the time. Soon, hoping to catch up with everything. Loved the fiction 🙂 (That moment u want to read something good in blogosphere and then finally.. when u do.. I am sure you know that! It’s a thank you this time :D)

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