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2015!!!! The year I almost became a monk!!

Steamy hot cuppa tea. Life couldn’t be more blissful and lighting a fag only add to the thrill of the sunny morning. A lone bird, enjoying the sweetness of being alone at home and the power of feeling like a King, in quest of liberation. Pulling open the window, letting the fresh air flow in, Matargashti playing on Meethi Meerchi as I tap the table in lieu of the four year old lap tap key board. It has become dusty like the cranked, old piano board. How I wanna make life be like the Kapoor dude, mouthing Matargashti!!

It’s a hot and humid day. The leaves are standing still and valiant effort makes them flutter. A tale of moving mountains and excruciating effort to gyrate physically to the sound of music. Spectre of the James Bond series blaring loud at the back of the mind and the mystery drags the soul and ears like the alcohol flowing down the throat. So much for a lazy Sunday morning. The heart gets more romantic, the mind lusty and body in search of thrilling adventure, like the life of Mr Bond.

2015 was touted to be the year of major upheaval, both personally and professionally. What a mixed bag, it’s been!! The fickle mind wonders whether free flow is so overrated like sex and a change in perspective is what will pep up the soul. The good, bad and ugly been part and parcel of this uneventful year. Cliche! May be, like my life or I am over rating things brewing in the mind.

The year started with a bang with the launch of the magazine I was part of in February and basking in the achievement of the first issue, we looked at the product,  our baby with pride. After all, it pays for sitting in the office for six months working with our mentor, brain storming sessions, on what would make the upmarket magazine click. And, it did! I made the leap from news reporter to features writer as a special correspondent. It’ something that I will cherish, along with other colleagues, for putting our souls, behind the mag. The running around like some world sprinter, convincing business leaders, to speak to us and featuring them. It was awesome fun writing for a weekly magazine and getting applauded by the people for presenting them well. Speak about professional fulfillment tasting like mint choco.

A year to reflect on the bad of the work where some issues started to plague and feeling like a hero facing the mighty villains and being caught in an entangled web of sort. It seems that the time has come to slug it out and nah, I didn’t feel like a sumo wrestler. Nah!! Peanuts became scarce on the market and my own earned one was forever delayed, fighting for it but the response was, ‘Hey! We shall deny what’s rightfully yours.’ Frustration crept in. A tale of swimming against the tide. Frantic application letters sent. I felt like the daring dude running against a speeding train, Aamir Khan’s character in Dhoom would be such an aberration or may be James Bond minus Hale Berry.

The big leap came but not without fighting the villain, that I learned to ignore at his own ranting. A new opportunity came post the frustration of hitting the head on the mud dirt and the forever optimist me, imagining to be chubby cheek Ranbir Kapoor in Tamasha, thought that the time has come and like Tsunami, all worries would be wiped out. Wrong signal! Seems like a bad leap, venturing into an altogether new arena. Now, I feel like a swinger in a pub!! Hard lesson learned, never venture into a drastic field, which you are alien to. The confidence can take a beating and frustration will make you growl to self like an abandoned lion. You yowl to no end. It’s just that the culture I hail from and the new work ethos puts us on different pages. Here, the forever optimist looking for a better 2016 as the end of the year was painful and struggling to find a foothold.

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On the personal front, I feel like the Rahul Gandhi of my and so!! Nah! I ain’t shouting hoarse bout’ conspiracies like Arvind Kejriwal. Plans seems to be delayed forever on jumping the desert in the Sheikh world or going back to the root, sitting by the Arabian sea. It’s high time to put my butt in place, jotting on small, medium and long term carrier goals. Folks tells me it works by writing in a diary. I constantly need the eyes to become a scanner on international job websites, preening on them like a forever starved fool.

I did jot my thoughts in a diary quite regularly and wrote more stuffs than I did last year. Read a fair amount of book, both print and kindle, that makes me a winner this year. The book worm in me is forever awake and wanting more. Yeh dil Mange More!! My book, my book..still writing it. What an understatement. The lazy bum in me is being lost in translation as the first draft is losing steam like the locomotive train, running in various directions. Yeah! Yippie!! Guess what! I wrote six stories for an anthology I am doing with a friend and already started working on the seventh installment. Reason to cheer. The movie buff is back, watching more sensible and brainless stuff, altogether After all, that what movie buffs are all about.

The blog!! I have no complain, whatsoever. This year, I feel like Vishwamitra and my meditation bore its fruits. It reached 100k and the second one has reached 40k. Great going, I guess. This year, been good with more books and movie reviews as well as interviews of authors, celeb..choti si baatein, ahista ahista!!

A mixed bag of sort, that’s what 2015 been for me. Hoping and pinning for a better 2016 with some magic unfurling, a new professional and personal high. Still single yeah but ready to mingle. That’s how the year been. Hope the tide changes for the rest of the days and I am treated well till the clock strikes midnight. For chum missing me on FB, I shall be back very soon in 2016.

Wishing all you folks an awesome 2016 and enjoy the festive days.




Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

5 thoughts on “2015!!!! The year I almost became a monk!!

  1. Ah I come across another recap sort of 2015 post and Vishal did you turn a monk almost? and what about your ferrari, did you sell it off?

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