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Re-blogged from April A to Z Challenge: Z for Zonked out

This post Z for Zonked Out was written as part of the April A to Z Challenge 2015 on blogspot-do give some love to the blog-on the last day of the challenge. Here, sharing the post with my followers and friends on this blog and looking for honest feedback on the post that was written in tribute to victims of Nepal Quake.

Zonked Out

The old man wore a tired look and was drained of energy, plodding his feet among dead in the town lying in debris. He was deprived of sleep for days. He braved the rain and courageously exerted his naked feet soaked in the dust which once stood tall in the city frequented by hordes of locals and tourists, alike. Thousands fled the city and running for their life but nothing deterred the 85-year-old man, searching for his wife, two daughters, son and daughter-in-law buried under the shard of cement.

The man looked like a moving cadaver with his reddish eyes and battered soul, climbed the hilly slope. After all, the earthquake has destroyed his entire existence revolving around his family and shed a tear or two on the state of his country which is in ruin. Undeterred, he refused to gulp a single drop of water and forcefully helped the army men to remove bricks to unearth bodies of innocent men and women on his way. He always believed in the goodness of life and humanity. It’s not today when he lost everything that he will put his values at stake.

He continued his journey against the advice of volunteers, police and army to take a rest inside the camp. ‘It’s my fight. It’s my cross that I will carry till death and I shall never abandon my destination till my last breath.’ They were speechless and admired his courage.

He stumbled upon few dead bodies and felt dizzy before he zonked out on the ground. Few rescue workers saw him and called for the medical emergency group, who checked his pulses and administered an injection. They thought that the old man who zonked out will never make it up and that he must have died.

Miraculously, he became conscious after eight hours and looked feeble. He made an excruciating effort to wake up and his eyes stumbled on the bodies lying on the ground. The old man recognized them. It was his near and dear ones. Tears welled his cheek. He was pained and relieved at the same time, couldn’t comprehend what was happening to his frail body. They were his wife, two daughters, son and daughter-in-law who collapsed to death when his house crumbled. He couldn’t recognize his own house. His voice choked with emotions,”It’s my family.” The volunteers helped him bend down while he ran his wobbly hand, caressing their faces. It was his last journey.

The old man lay by their side and was adamant to stay on the ground despite people tried to lift him, away from the spot. He closed his eyes, thinking, “At this age, I have to see all this. Perhaps, it’s my destiny. Life can be very unpredictable.”

It was matter of few minutes before he zonked out for ever and his soul left his body. The buried him along with his family members.

With Love




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