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Pune memoir: Decade old Xmas blast

It’s the second post on the series Pune Memoir which I announced sometimes back. It’s not in order, considering that I started my life in Pune during the monsoon of 2003 and why the giant leap, you must be wondering!! It’s X-Mas and narrating to you one of the best memories I had way back in 2004. It was the biggest crush on Miss G in college. I proposed on sms few months back but that’s for another day.

It’s Xmas!! The five of us, Adi and his ex, Manish and Kusum bought wrapped up gifts which we nicely tucked under the Christmas tree and the freebies would go to different people, including our common friends who’d be visiting on the day. Exchange gifts for Xmas. Guess what! I got a toy gun. This is what Adi wanted to give me and how I picked up the gun remain shrouded in mystery till now. I am sure Adi played some trick.

The gang that was!!
The gang that was!!

Spending the day, fooling around with the toy gun and plans were up what to do for the night. My suggestion for sitting in the house and drinking Vodka was turned down. I was voted out and went along with the mates planning for dinner at George restaurant, MG Road. In an age where there was no whatsapp or FB, we were personally calling friends, wishing Merry Xmas and tearing out the phone balance by sending thousand smses. Adi was adamant that we go out on FC Road to buy Xmas cap that everyone must sport and we walked in the sun towards Sagar Arcade buying the cool stuff.

Now, the plan was to invite G but how!! The big question: At the decision imposed by the folks, with Adi as the architect of mischief, I was getting goose bumps in the stomach. What if she turns down the invite! After all, she already rejected my proposal. It’s another thing that we hugged as friends. Finally, I smsed and waiting for her reply. Now, if I am not suffering from memory lapse, Adi called her and to which she agreed to join us, crazy folks. This guy has the power of persuasion, I tell.

G rode her scooty! Bad luck! I ain’t gonna be the pillion know what I mean…aha!! I drove along with Adi while his now ex gave G company in this crazy X-mas traffic with maddening crowd and honks all over the place. The day Pune became vibrant with folks wearing the Santa cap. The traffic in Pune has already became scary but looving the bustling movements on the road. We stopped at a traffic signal with both the bike owners, deciding which way to take, to avoid the crazy traffic. The ladies diligently follow us and what a relief, reaching MG road. Time to settle on a parking lot for the bikes and we had to really search for a proper and unoccupied place for slot seems to be booked. After a good half an hour, the bikes found their comfort.

Fun Xmas blast at George
Fun Xmas blast at George

The four of us walked together, braving the motley crowd, which never seem to end on both sides of MG Road, harboring shops and restaurants, to finally find our way at George restaurant where M, K and N were waiting for us. We breathed relief as we ushered inside the AC restaurant that serves the best Biryani in town. Biryani for Xmas, not a bad combo. huh!! Here, I was dressed in one of my yellow and marooned patterned and favorite Kurta, waiting to be seated next to G. All of us looked like a fun version of Santa, wearing red caps in a row and a laugh riot with some stupid jokes springing in the air. It was time to shoot the Kodak moment.

There was hardly a time to win over lady-love when you are surrounded by those minds who knows what you have in mind and she makes your heart go dhak dhak. You know the feeling, right! And, those peeps know how tensed you are yet they will be up to some pranks with G looking at me and smiling, then laughing.

What fun and memorable Xmas it was! The perfect Xmas memory that seems to be only yesterday.On our way back, there were some anti-social elements, wearing their red caps and staring on our faces, wishing us Merry Xmas. It was shit scary. And, G remarked, scary na. And, we did drink during the night and playing Dare or Dare. G left her bike at the flat and we escorted her to take the rick or I think Adi dropped her. Again, memory loss. How I love that Xmas moments.

It was the Santa season,

of love, infatuation and friendship.

The yore days of togetherness and letting self loose.

Santa playing cupid or he didn’t,

Xmas moments and magic cherished forever.

With Love

Merry Xmas

Post script: We remained good friends and not really in touch now, except once in a blue moon on FB. Wish her loads of happiness on Xmas today and she’s a fab soul. Such memories remain forever and miss the fun times with my buddy, Adi, who is in Australia.






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