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From muffler man to mouthing ‘Psycho’ in style

AAP yahan aaye kisliye, AAP ne bhulaya issliye. Arvind! Arvind Kejriwal! Naam to suna hoga. He’s the muffler man, he rocks and jazz to rocking videos redesigned to his honor on You Tube. The coughing syrup is a brand in itself and our Arvind made it famous. This week, he scored a new high as AAP Guru and CM, the word Psycho is being popularized and given a new high in politics. As if dopes is passe now. He seems to be saying: Mein kissi ke Baap se nahin darta. That’s our Arvind Kejriwal.

Image credit: Google
Image credit: Google

Perhaps, one should learn from the Delhi CM how to score a self-goal in style by brandishing the Prime Minister as ‘Psycho’ and emerging as a pale version of Dabbang. It’s 2015 and Dabbang makes sense for Arvind, though his moustache would have given tough competition to AK playing Nayak in fighting Amrish Puri. No prize for guessing whom would pose as Amrish Puri in this new age Nayak version! Of course, NaMo.

We all know that NaMo may not be the perfect person on earth to be PM and he has been going on Maut Vrat, nowadays. But, calling the PM, ‘Psycho’. Seriously, Arvind-Ji!! Certainly, there are other ways to wrestle power from NaMo or show how he is screwing up things. Yeh saab drama baazi aaj kal Hindi movies mein bhi nahin hai. Itne saare antics Rohit Shetty aur Manmohan Desai ke movies mein nahin hai ya tha.

The big question is will our Arvind-ji hit the sack!! Sorry, my bad! Hit the streets to protest by doing a deja vu of 2014 by immortalizing Dharna in India politics. Trust me, could have been the script of cult and semi classic that would have beaten Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag to death. I am sure RGV must be thinking, You know, I ain’t that bad when we have Arvind-ji. Poor Ramu! He might rope in Arvind Kejriwal in his next venture to save his dormant career by re-making Shiva!!!

Now, that Maggi is back on the shelves as Diwali bumper, Kejriwal may just endorse it or Patanjali noodles, a tale of buy one get one free as bumper for X-Mas and New Year. No! Kejriwal Sir, you don’t need to wear muffler and wrapped in blanket, lying on the streets in Delhi by showing us how to cook a storm,oops, your brand of noodles. A tale of counting your chickens, before it disappears in the court of the BJP, right Arvind-Ji. You might join the likes of Louis Van Gaal very soon, in justifying everything that fails. How about adapting the latter who will show you how a football manager, basking in past glory, does everything that doesn’t work. You might just teach him how to call his critics and fans alike, at Manchester United, psycho.

Our Arvind-ji is busy counting odd and even numbered car plates on the streets that he became so confused and he may just buy some of them to replace his Blue Maruti to make them his new brand of politics. Rhetoric, my dear! Odd and even numbered cars may be bought by Arvind-ji and he might just try a reloaded Phool aur Kante a la Ajay Devgan, in making a grand entry into political jamboree. Tune Mari Entriyaan, dil ne kiya than tan tan.




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13 thoughts on “From muffler man to mouthing ‘Psycho’ in style

  1. I am still to fathom the idea of odd numbers and even numbers..
    Won’t it be easier to stop all vehicles and have public transport which is very very goood.. as we have here in uk..
    London has congestion charge.. you pay to use ur car on roads of London. . So people use public transport which is very very goood..

    1. I feel odd even formula can be done on a temporary basis for now since the public transport system in India is still under-developed. And the need for immediate remedy to save Delhi-people from the rising pollution levels, this idea could at least pave a way in the direction of finding a solution….that’s what I feel.

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