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December 16: Remembering Nirbhaya and our quest for justice

December 16 shall remain etched in our memories for all the wrong reasons and it’s not a day we would like to remember. It’s been three years when Nirbhaya was mercilessly, ruthless and violently gang raped in Delhi. It’s ironical that the most violent among her rapists, will be let be let off on December 20. It will be exactly four days after Nirbhaya died in 2012.

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There is a deep sense of injustice and where the system has failed us as commoners where closure will never happen in this case. On top of that, the man who was a ‘adolescent’ at that time will get Rs 10,000 to start a shop. Now, who tells us that he is reformed and will not commit this heinous act again? It’s an insult to Nirbhaya memory that the rapist is now an adult and will get back his freedom when he should be languishing in jail. What kind of signal are we sending to those criminals who don’t care two hoots about law and justice?

It’s not in my intention to impute motive to the Delhi Government. Far from that, but there are questions that I ask myself: There doesn’t go a day when a woman or an innocent child is not molested and raped and one is tempted to ask why and how the system has failed us. Where is the deterrence to prevent rape and sexual violence? To what extent the Varma Commission has been implemented? There has been delays both by the BJP and the Congress Government. Agree, it’s not about political parties but the system. It serves as no excuse by policy makers on their lack of motive to strengthen the law when the truth is that no one is interested to give tooth to legal provisions in giving harshest punishment to rapists. It’s ridiculous how someone is getting away who is an adult, a 21-year on account of being under age. Can it get more ridiculous? Under the garb of legal complexities, a crime has been ‘condoned’ and principle of justice violated. I have said it in earlier posts, a teenager has the faculty of knowing what he or she doing and let’s not give the bullshit that he was under aged.

How many Nirbhayas are raped every single day in big, cosmopolitan cities and obscure corners that we have started to lost count? Personally, I have stopped watching or reading such news because I feel that the system has failed in its entirety and the incapability of not only deterring such crimes but delivering justice. Many parents run from pillar to post to report such crimes but corrupt cops don’t even treat those people with respect. Should we lose our faith in the system? We have no right to dishonor the memory of Nirbhaya and the brave fight she has put after she was ruthlessly assaulted and her soul destroyed. Perhaps, when she closed her eyes, she went away with the belief that things will change for the better. We have failed as a society and nothing has changed. One question I ask: What’s happening to the Nirbhaya Act and is it dormant?

O! Brave heart! We remember you on December 16

We shall not erase your memories from our lives.

We owe you justice.

Today, we may not be able to face you and should hang our heads in shame.

Hiding like cowards when your assailant will go free,

is the best thing to do.

In your name, we are still drawing political mileage and your memory will haunt us forever.

We failed you as a society as we still nurture dominance over your lot,

some doesn’t flinch in assaulting a women.

Will justice be served!

May be not!

In the name of human rights, what we don’t say or do!!

Mute by standers on the streets and blind like the law,

we must wear blinkers.

Still, you united us and pushed us to protest against injustice.

Let you remain in our memories and haunt us on our failure.

The grave sense of injustice and powerlessness,

as our faith repose on the system has been shattered.

Perhaps, it’s the time to say NO and push them into action.

Only then, we shall honor the memory of Nirbhayas.

RIP justice and not the countless souls.



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17 thoughts on “December 16: Remembering Nirbhaya and our quest for justice

  1. I shudder even today when I think of Jyoti. It still feels like a raw wound after more than two years; bleeding silently and continuously under a fragile cicatrice. If there is anyone called God and anything like Hell, I pray with all my heart that her perpetrators rot in there for eternity!!!

    1. Welcome, Ravi. I was watching flashback of the events on India Today and how the youth in Delhi protested. It’s something we should be proud of and push the law makers. Till we remain silent, nothing will happen. Let’s have faith!

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