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Review: Tamasha is a self realization journey

Movie Review: Tamasha

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Piyush Jha, Javed Sheikh and Sushma Seth

Music: A R Rahman

Director: Imtiaz Ali

Rating: 3 and a half stars

Society set up boundaries. Many of us have been conditioned in such a way not to take risks in life and afraid that the gamble will boomerang against us. Imtiaz Ali’s latest outing Tamasha set up in Corsica, Delhi and Shimla presents the story of a lad who hates studies but finds happiness in stories. While Tamasha may lack the magical Imtiaz’s touch at places, the film has left a deep impact on me. I couldn’t react after watching Tamasha and made me question my true ‘self’ as a person. A confession of sort: Ved is so much me, afraid to take risks and a coward in ‘real life.’

The film starts in flash back with a younger Ranbir Kapoor, stealing money from his Dad’s pocket-Yeah, I’ve done that-to pay a story teller (Piyush Jha) to narrate to him the Ramayana. It’s a unique tale of romance with Don and Mona Darling, borrowing screen names, who meet in an unusual way in Corsica, promising to each other that what stays in Corsica remains in Corsica, they won’t reveal each other’s names and will not step on boundaries. The first half is brilliant, camera angle movement done in an aesthetic manner and the one liners, that has always been Imtiaz Ali’s forte and USP. Whether it’s ‘Mein Kameenah Pan Nahin Karunga, ‘Interpol ka pol nahin hota’, ‘Jhan Fakeer Suar ke Aulad Maar Jaa Saale Kaminey or Jo Bhi Kahenge Jhoot Kahenge.’

The first half is fresh, shooting the picturesque Corsica and Ranbir-Deepika sizzling chemistry that warms the audience after Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. The opening scene is not the run-of-the-mill type with a robot on stage, that serves as the background of the movie. Ranbir Kapoor plays Ved, a robot in the second half and a far cry from the fun loving guy who lets himself loose in the first half, not caring what the world thinks about him. Deepika is Tara who manages to track Ved, after spotting the book Catch 22, which serves as a great analogy in depicting Ved. Finally, they meet each other and start dating. But, Tara finds Ved, the robot who wakes up every morning and the project manager who works and live in a city as an average man, different from what he is. It’s like meeting two different persons in one body.

Tamasha entirely belongs to Ranbir Kapoor who plays both role to perfection, the fun loving guy in Corsica and the boring dude who is a robot as the project manager. He is simply sensational with his honest acting and proves why he is one of the most brilliant-cum-versatile actors in the film industry today. Effortless to the core, Ranbir is simply a delight to watch and makes one identify with the character. This time Deepika as Tara is more of the side kick, the alter ego of Ved, who doesn’t compete with the hero but supports him in his journey. She is mesmerizing, natural and at the utmost ease in front of the camera. The scene where she confesses her love to Ved towards the end of the first half is effortlessly done. In fact, Deepika is splendid. What works in the film is the palatable chemistry between Ranbir and Deepika where they complement each other so well.

The movie contains several stand up scenes that will not only touch the core of your heart and soul but will prick your skin. The scene towards the climax where Ved narrates a story to his parents and grand ma how he hates Maths and what he does is not him in real life. The scene leaves a powerful impact and makes your eyes moist. How many of us with aspirations and dreams end up being a robot? Piyush Mishra, the story teller, who calls Ved a coward who want to seek approval from someone in telling his story of life. There are many of us who has a streak of Ved in them, forever seeking approval from someone else in scripting the story of our lives. We are robots in real life, pretending to be someone we are not just to fit in the bill and we need the stamp to pursue our dreams, thinking whether we are doing something right. A thought-provoking lesson to reflect on.

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Tamasha is not without flaws and the flick appears cliche at times with Ved weird behavior in office meetings and with the boss, before he is fired, showing streaks of anger in the buffonery act. Or, trying to get aggressive at the pub. The depiction of Ved as a robot, waking up, brushing up, wearing suit, washing his car or eunuch asking for money at the traffic signal, gets tad boring and repetitive. The film also loses steam in parts during the second half and the script is lost at some point. Imtiaz Ali could have tightened the narration which appears weak in parts.

Having said that, I love the movie that depicts Ved as the robot, who loses himself in a world that he dreads and sacrificing his dreams. I couldn’t react after watching the movie and reflecting on my life. Ved is so much me, afraid to take risks and a coward in life. It led to self-realization and introspection on the life I am living. Is it really me? Sometimes, the barriers are self created in our minds. Tamasha is a movie that will change your outlook towards life and help you to look inward at who you really are. A mention to the scenes, where Ved and Tara crawl to drink water like savages from the river and where both dance and drinking wine. Moments to be captured. Or, the endearing scene of narrating snippets of life under a tree to an audience. A R Rahman’s music and the songs, Heer to Bade Sad and Matargashti hooks you and are soothing to the mind. A must watch.



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14 thoughts on “Review: Tamasha is a self realization journey

  1. This is such a beautiful tribute to the movie, if I must say so. Any one would fall in love with the movie after reading how much impact it had on you. I look forward to watching it soon. I hope I like it as much as you did. I will be happy then!

  2. Ranbir Kapoor is very, very talented as an actor, I wonder how many good offers he will get from Bollywood! offers as per his potential, so many talented actors have been wasted by bolly before him- one that hurts real bad is manoj bajpai (?) he just did not get the laurel he deserved!

      1. another one, she too is a brilliant actress who did not get roles to shine. there are so many talented offbeat actor/actresses in India! I rather prefer Hollywood there talent gets its due chance and recognition!

  3. You reviewed it right and the message you caught was also apt but I feel there should be a more entertaining way to deliver such a message , similar message of following your heart was superbly told us in 3 idiots by Rajkumar Hirani, Imtiaz I feel inclined more towards spirituality which shows in his previous movies also.

  4. Love your review of the film, Vishal. I also share your sentiments on the movie. It touches a chord and makes us reflect on why we continue to walk on the path which the society has decided for us. And this may hold true in all areas of our lives, not just career. We may not be completely ourselves in certain situations for fear of being judged by the society. Great write up.

    1. I am so glad we agree on the movie, Neetika. Imtiaz Ali has thrown the question open in many aspects of our life and up to us, whether we want to remain in our comfort and be unhappy inside. Thanks so much:)

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