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‘A little chorus of love’ is beautiful composition and hymns

Book Review:

A little Chorus of Love-Love through ages

compiled and edited by: Preethi Venugopala, Anmol Rawat, Tina Basu and Somya Verma

Rating: Four stars


A love take:

The string of the guitar to compose love songs, fluttering with the heart and soul like a gentle breeze of wind and weathering the storms at the same time. I call it, a collection of hymns and love couplets. The icing on the cake: When your blogger friends whose work you are in awe come together to weave their thought, reaffirming their belief in love and touching the soul, the result is simply brilliant and aesthetic. A collection of love stories that transgress border, touching chords of mature relationship lingering on the sensitive side of life and light romance.


What is love? The question brews a million different answers. Love is not an entity. It is an emotion that embraces several hues and shades within. ‘A Little Chorus of Love – Love through Ages’ simply follows the same idea and assembles 24 different writers portraying love in a form they acknowledge the best.

Immerse yourself into the most powerful emotion with 24 different stories set in different time periods and feel your heart beat for that one special person in your life.

Credit: Good reads

Love destination:

A collection of 24 stories, spanning across different eras in history and timeless in outlook, showing that love is forever alive and vibrant, no matter when we lived. It makes A little chorus of love timeless where you live with the characters and breathe this complex feeling called love. Each and every author’ vision and description of love leaves such an impression on your soul. I shall this time not quote authors to drift away from my rules since every tale is so touching and mesmerizes the heart.

If one hand, there is a difficult and silent love story with two mature and elderly couple who expresses passion in the time of loneliness and beyond eternity which is poetry in motion, on the other hand, love wins over hatred with insurgency as the backdrop. It’s a touching story about self-belief and how love can turn a devil into a saint. India and Pakistan are two countries who are often at the cross road but love is one feeling that transgress border and which has been beautifully expressed and narrated. A soulful story, beyond life and death, beautifully penned where a women will never stop loving her husband who is dead to the world but their love tale is vivid and eternal. This gem of a story rises above the physicality and intimacy that strikes a chord with the soul.

Another story how individuals can rise in love and let each other bloom like flowers in this beautiful garden called the heart. Or, the girl who believes her red knight will come and take her, rekindling the fairy tale about love and touching the social issue of ‘Sati’. The hero rescues her lady love in style. What a beautiful prose! Divine justice. A difficult love story where two lovers are compelled to drift apart which makes love painful but ultimately find each other at the cross road. How life has changed is beautifully narrated, coupled with compassion and free love flowing in our veins. There are certain things that never changes. Or a story where what all matters is love, understanding and selfishness has no reason or else, it’s not love at all. Partition finds its way in this terrific journey where a lover longs to see the face of her soul mate and armed with the belief that he will come to save her. The author has expressed with a sensitive heart how we long for something that eludes us. It’s all about anticipation and optimism, though misplaced at times.

The anthology has its fair share of light and breezy love stories, with quotes that gives them an extra edge, touching the core of the soul. Love got to be a journey and not an end in itself. A fresh story doesn’t need happy ending and true love is not about being together always. We have a heart that gives us immense happiness when we truly love and the other person doesn’t need to be possessed. Love stories with a difference.

“It’s the estrogen and testosterone that never differentiates between religion, caste, color or creed; they always make the body react in the same manner if they find someone alluring.”

Divine love stories are the ones that doesn’t let boring moments seep in and what will be, will be. Indeed!

Break up point

No love story (ies), no matter how unblemished, can be perfect. A little chorus of love will change your perception towards love and move your heart. I am still thinking of flaws in this near perfect compilation of tales but guess, I need to chuck out my villainous streak. Ok! Perhaps, some love stories length could have been shortened but doesn’t it dilute the beauty of such amazing story telling. It’s hard to find flaws in short stories since they are distinct voices. Wait!! How I wish there were more such stories of love to feast on. That’s certainly one lacuna.

Sending some love

 A little Chorus of Love is a commendable and humongous effort put by all the writers and editors to present a small gift and token of love. It’s all about the love we make, like Beatles would sing. What I love is how the characters names have been drawn from fellow bloggers! That’s what I call love. Pure love stories, scripted with passion and a heart to make a difference to writing. This initiative should be supported. A superb anthology that comes as a breath of fresh air and gentle gush of wind.
Grab your copy on Amazon India.


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