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Re-blogged from A to Z: X ray of love

Hey folks

Reblogging this post I wrote for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge from the other blog, X for X Ray of Love. Hope you will enjoy the post.


Dear heart,
I lie on thy bed to wait for my X-Ray. Surprised! Have thy stopped beating in utter confusion? Yah! Yah! Stop cursing me. I am ranting on you and not on ‘her’ the heart-breaker. You get the drift, right, how emotions of the heart is fickle. It’s an X-ray right, nursing the you. See! You are the victim. In fact, both of us are.
Together, we need to pick up the broken pieces lying in a comatose state. You see heart, it’s a matter of life and death. I am the body and you are the heart. We cannot survive without each other. We are one. We’ve been breathless for days and nights. Let’s bring our frequency level together and add zing to our oxygen which is lost. It’s not just my break-up. Don’t you come and say that the heart lies somewhere else and the breaking part is with me! She broke us into separate parts which are lying in some dark corner.
You see, the X-Ray of love and break up need to be assessed to weigh the casualty we suffered together. She has taken you, the heart and me, the soul and we are suffering from the pang of tiredness, disappointment and sleepless nights.
You don’t wanna pay heed to the heart and yet you are torn and worn. I need to survive on love. Why are you so stubborn, dear heart? It’s not a threat but let me be ruthless to you: Should I replace you with a new heart which is alive and kicking? Now, stop crying. Will you? You are whining and so adamant. You are getting jealous, I know. It’s the truth, we cannot survive without each other. First things first, let’s pick up the broken thread and put them together. It’s the best way out to make us one, not-so-perfect and flawless. It’s tearing and I know, we may not always be the way we were. Both of us loved her and she placated us. She was ruthless but we will not be like her. Let her go and wish that a new heart that will love her the way she is.
The only way to treat our heart pain is to seek and find love, which we will. It’s all about the attitude. Nah! We shall never forget her and the beautiful moments spent together. Why sink in her thoughts? She doesn’t exist anymore for us. Let her be in her world.
X-ray of love is simple, na. Doctors tell us it lies in our positive attitude and see we’ve started to dance. They will be shocked to see you heart, dancing and performing a jig to the sound of love and life. It took us years to get out of the shock and get up again. We shall be knocked again in love yet we will remain inseparable and get our mojo back. Who says two hearts are needed? You are the only one, heart and no one can replace you.
Heart! O! Heart! Let’s hug and party. See, look at this girl. She is so beautiful with her long hair, looking darn sexy in blue jeans and white shirt flitting through books. Let’s go and woo her. Jaldi (Fast)! Before an innocent heart takes her away. I think she is the one and we gonna win over her.


Work-in-progress, seeker and bundle of contradictions. Stubborn and Refusal to grow up and constantly in search of myself, I blurt it out on my space. Drop in and share some love. Indian by choice.

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