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Book Review: Love Minuets melts like chocolate

Book Review:

Love Minuets-An Anthology of tiny Love Stories

Preethi Venugopala

Release: November 2015

Rating: Four stars

Love Minuets
Love Minuets

A tiny little bible of love and romance narrating tales from the victorian age to re-incarnation, widow remarriage and fairy tales. Author Preethi Venugopala has the gift of churning love tales that not touches the core of your soul but strikes a chord with your sensitive mind in an aesthetic manner, melting like choco that swirls in the tongue.


Is there another emotion that can compete with love? When you fall in love, it is the most magical feeling that you experience. The person, who stirred this emotion in your heart all of a sudden acquires the power to make you his/her slave and you become ready to do anything to win his /her affections.
Nothing matters anymore other than your lover. It is as if this magician called love has put you in a trance, all you hear are his commands, and you become a helpless puppet in his arms. Every thought like a homing pigeon returns to your lover and every moment you invent a reason to be near him/her. It is like a powerful potion, which has been absorbed by each and every cell of your body.

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The book starts with a Duchess love story, sweetly told in a light and breezy atmosphere, capturing the complexity and nuances of falling in love. What I love the most in The Duke’s Muse is the continuation that finds echo in Forgotten Memories where the character is gently showed the way to revive love in the journey of self discovery and past life. It’s one of the most poignant story coupled with a twinge of philosophy. The quotes are powerfully sketched: “There is always a lesson to be learned from every life..Find your inner strength. We need to discover that if we have to succeed in life…The people that you meet in any life time are part of a larger soul group and they incarnate together.

In Wings of Love, the author brings a fairy tale story about an angel sent to earth and a man gone astray who finally finds love . Don’t we all need our guarding angel? She beautifully taps the human side of emotions of angels who has  a heart to love and be sensitive to humans. An endearing story that reaffirm our faith in the power of magic and positive feeling. Never lose trust in the kindness offered by life after we face a blow. Fairy is another sensitive tale, rekindling our childhood emotions and it’s all about the belief in everything extraordinary. At times, delightful and wondrous, it’s a beautiful and powerful lesson: “When a child says that she doesn’t believe in fairies, there is a fairy somewhere that falls down dead.” Can it get more powerful than that?

There are other beautiful stories, about hero worship where the romantic angle between a star and it’s crazy fan has been tapped with simplicity and emotions running high. Simple, short but effective. Or, in Catharsis which is the tale of a TV star, Sukanya, the strong character where the actress finds herself in a catch 22 situation but life throws her in this situation to remind her about the situation of her fans in a village. It’s the biggest lesson she learns on how her on-screen character made a difference to their lives. Sometimes, we need to look ahead in life no matter how much our situation are drastically altered and we are pulled down by treachery. In The Hated Pronoun, the subject of widow remarriage, prejudice, blind belief and the place of woman is society is sketched in such a powerful manner that it moves our soul. An endearing love story with a woman finally gathering strength and inner calling with true cum unblemished love.

What’s Not!

Love Minuets is an anthology and the stories are distinct from each other which makes it unfair to point at loopholes. In Thinking Straight, for instance, perhaps the subject could have been explored further or the fact that few stories bears a strikingly similar end to each other. Having said that, Love Minuets is an original work by Preethi Venugopala, stories that are heart warming, relatable and engrossing.

Final Words:

Love Minuets-An Anthology of tiny Love Stories is a gem of a book and is a must read. It will touch your heart and make an ever-lasting impact to whittle your boring days. Preethi has touched my heart with her sensitive narration and one can feel the stories so close to reality. It makes a difference through her simply and down-to-earth language that brings alive the emotion called love. It’s a must have and must gift for the festive season.

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