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26/11 Mumbai: Hum nahin bhulenge

Hey folks,

This poem in Hindi is written as a tribute to 26/11 in Mumbai and it’s been 8 years now. I am linking the poem to Hindi Baaten hosted by Sharmistha Basu.

Lachar mat bano tum,

kyon ki woh gussa abhi tak hai hamare zehan mein.

Hum nahin bhulenge kaise Mumbai aur Hindustan mein jeewan rukh gaya tha.

Aaj saat saal hogaya jab Mumbai aatankwadi ka shikar ban gaye the.

Kaise bhool sakte hai hum log,

ke hamara shehar jo duniya sab se tez bolte hai,

rukh gaya tha.

Hamare sainik, police aur aam insaan ka balidan,

jo shehar ko aatank ke qaid se mukt kiya

aur woh Karma yogi ne jaan gawai.

Kuch aise zakham hai jo bhar nahin sakta

aur Mumbai 26/11 hum nahin bhool sakte.

Logon ki cheekh, woh bache jo yateem ho gaye aur pran jo berahmi se maut ke ghaat utara gaya.

Jo log maare gaya, karmayogi ki balidan ke yaad mein.

Ab shayad woh Mumbai nahin raha jo 26/11 se pehle tha,

phir bhi Mumbai hai.

Ek aise sheher jo koi nahin hara sakta hai,

Mumbaikar ke saahas aur aatma vishwas,


wohi hamara ekta aur taakat ka saboot hai.

Mumbai ko koi nahin gira saakta hai.




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15 thoughts on “26/11 Mumbai: Hum nahin bhulenge

  1. I can still remember the fear that gripped me watching the horror of those terror strikes for 2 says on TV. A month later I was in Goa with my family and while we sat on the beach watching the sea, my mind used to imagine boats filled with terrorists infiltrating on the beach and it would scare me to the hilt. The fear was of so much intensity even when I saw all that ftom the comfort of my home miles away from Mumbai being in Delhi. I cannot imagine what the people of Mumbai would have gone through.
    Yesterday, it was the 7th anniversary of the terror strikes and also the thanksgiving day, a day to extend our gratitude towards those who laid their lives to protect the city that day.

    1. It was horrible what happened in Mumbai. We should be grateful to each and every officer who sacrificed their lives for cities to breath. I saw on tv how people were stranded, lives were taken. Such things stay with us and we are bound to be gripped by fear.

    2. It was horrible what happen and it sends a chill down the spine to witness, dead bodies lying scattered and people having a tiny hope to be saved. The sacrifice of the cops, army people and NCG who laid their lives is something we shouldn’t forget. Sad how the real life heroes are lost in translation and yesterday, things were ignored. I know! It creates a fear imagining terrorists on the beach and killing innocents.
      Thanksgiving to the departed souls. Thanks for commenting.

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