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The deactivating button

Staring on the blank screen on the laptop, drowsy eyes on Saturday mulls, Should I or shouldn’t I? It’s not like I am proposing marriage to someone or announcing a temporary break up. I’ve done it for two years and why not now.
A voice hits me on the head, ‘Dude! Just do it…How long you will keep announcing on your status and stroll around.’ Yes! Yes! There is no looking back. I deactivate the Facebook button. Temporarily, of course.
It’s a break that I have been taking for the past three years and this year, I was thinking of going for the kill much earlier but things were cropping up where I need to be on social media. Every time, I was planning to be off Facebook, something or the other cropped up whether professionally, book reviews or anything that matters. Finally, on Saturday, I just hit on the deactivate button and it’s been three and a half days.
How am I faring? No! I am not missing Facebook. Honestly speaking, I feel at peace with myself for not ranting and hitting on nonsensical stuffs I do. I wouldn’t call it detox, like I normally do. But, I needed to be away from everything, be it status update, links or what’s happening in other people’s lives. You just need to disconnect yourself with everything that the lal batti makes you run agog with excitement. Aren’t we all VIP on Facebook with this red signal on our notification?!
Stuffs like Facebooking eat our time and trust me, it can be quite unproductive, just sitting and lying idle. Guilty of that!! Sitting on FB and not doing any writing stuffs, ending to while away time. What an awesome feeling to wake up in the morning and end up not logging on to Facebook, commenting, sharing stuffs or hitting at politicians or racist slant? I’m quite a social activist on Facebook. At some point, such things do get to your brain and you may end up being a wreck.
I did it for myself and need this mental peace, to be faraway from Facebook. As an online friend jokingly told me about taking Sanyasi, yeps, it’s true. We can be narcissists on social networking and it was high time for this self introspection moments. Facebook can be quite addictive and it is, a lethal drug and poison, for me.
Consume it at your own risk. I do that. Most of the time it’s a sweet and lethal one but you do reach a saturation point. There is always the aspect of losing on the happenings and by that I mean, in terms of opportunities to connect and make things work professionally at a time I am looking to explore new avenue. But, the BIG but is that I wanted to be with myself, far from the maddening crowd. Time of the year to reclaim my own personal space where I can’t be bothered what the whole world is watching, wearing, eating or dating the who who!! I know that there are risks of being in the de-friended zone. No problem with that. I am perfectly alright and everyone has a life of their own. I am beyond this phase, now.
Till then, folks enjoy and shall see you in a month or so at Facebook. Don’t miss me coz I ain’t going anywhere or leaving the world.

This post is written as part o #MondayMusings on Write Tribe hosted by bloggers, Richa Singh and Vidya Sury.



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29 thoughts on “The deactivating button

  1. You’re right! We can all do without facebook…it sure does eat into our productive time and is a great idea if you find yourself tempted to check in every now and then! Like any addiction, I guess. So, enjoy your productive time! Best wishes 🙂

  2. It’s good to do a Facebook detox every now and then. It’s good for the sanity and productivity too. Enjoy your life without Facebook for a while. Let me assure you that you will not miss anything while you are away 🙂

  3. Felt a bit funny reading it! Is Facebook really that much a nuisance! I don’t know but that it just a platform. My request don’t over emphasise just make sure you have a grip over the monster not the other way round next time. Feel at peace Facebook or no Facebook.

    1. It’s much needed, Richa. In fact, we let it be self destructive and the moment it gets to us, we should be able to disconnect. I have decided when I come back will not get into controversial posts and keep things simple..not overdo it.

  4. Well I never saw that notification button on facebook lighting up red as equivalent to having my own lal batti and that makes me a VIP person, a big thank you for making me realuse that I am a VIP in my personal space. And so are you. 🙂 When you function as a social activist on social media you do become party to taking perspectives from other people and giving out same to them which beyond a limit tends to get crazy. A break from social media should rejuvenate you. Come back refreshed.

    1. It’s the notification one made me thought of the VIP culture. I guess we all are on Facebook. I swear the break rejuvenate us and this time, I shall steer clear of controversial posts or, minimize it:)
      Thanks for visiting.

  5. I think it’s all about finding balance in our lives. I know I have a tendency to go overboard with stuff and have terrible balance, so I have never been on Facebook. Blog stuff takes enough of my time, and I’ve struggled with “keeping up” with that this year. I did look at my stats for the first time in months (ouch) but it’s okay… those who have really been friends still stroll by periodically, so it’s all good. I hope you are enjoying your Facebook-free time, Vishal!

    1. I agree: We need this balance in life. After years, I feel that hits bears very less credibility and what matters is connecting in terms of words an friends. I am enjoying the freedom from Facebook, Jannat:)

  6. Happy for you 🙂
    I never thought of going off FB, but i don’t login during day time and i restrict myself to what i feel like doing on social sites…that way i restrain myself.
    It’s all about what we are at peace with 🙂

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