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Humanity bleeds! Lest we forget!

Paris bleed to death,

the whole world tweeted and changed Facebook image to France tricolor.

Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Beirut and Lebanon are surrounded by bombs,

women and innocent children bleed,

we don’t give a damn for them.

I feel for France, in the same way, my heart goes for the rest of humanity.

We are no lesser humans nor the world pray to lesser Gods.

When will the madness stop not in one part of the globe but in every corner where civilians, victims of poverty, are assailed by guns and bombs every single day?

Selective amnesia may conveniently work for some,

perhaps hatred and prejudice suit us more!

Let peace prevail upon India, England, Paris, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Beirut and Lebanon.

Let’s stop any form of terrorism.

How we forgot some stormed and destroyed a country & its people for petrol?

Small and innocent children crying and women raped.

It brought tears to our eyes and we felt helpless.

Spread peace and not war.

Pray for the world where countries are victims of terror.




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16 thoughts on “Humanity bleeds! Lest we forget!

  1. you are so so right vishal, even though the thing that happened in paris was horrific but the same is applicable for the things that are happening in Afghanistan and Iraq. we should not be picking up the topics we prefer to protest!

    Anyway I don’t read newspaper or watch news so I don’t know what happened in paris, how horrific it was and don’t want to know I am sick of these twisted animals called human beings who get kick from hurting each other under million pretexts and then call themselves reflection of God bah! I wonder what God will say about it!

  2. Hello Vishal you are so true.. I pray for all of them who are abused by the terrorists but you know what today parliament of britain passed the order to attack on these terrorists.. now its going to finish soon..

    1. Hi Neha, I am quite skeptical with such laws, looking back at the mess created in Iraq when the terrorists are still at bay. Just hope the commoners don’t suffer in this war against terror. I believe, be it Europe, Beirut or Iraq, everyone suffered. I beg to differ: Terror will not finish soon as long as it is selective justice.
      Thanks for hopping and keep coming.

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